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The voted TOP 10 MacBook Pro shortcuts 2012 dubstep

Facebook: Here are the shortcuts: 10 – The dock [command & option & D] will hide the dock. [command & option & D] will show the dock. 9 – The swap [option & click an application] will open that program and minimise the one you were just on. 8 – The save [command & S] will save a version of what ever you have open 7 – The quit [command & W] will shut down what ever page you are currently on 6 – The desktop [fn & F11] will move all windows and show the desktop 5 – The search [command & F] brings up a search box in just about anything. Or to specifically search whats on your computer only.. use the spotlight 4 – The logging out [command & shift & Q] logs you out. While we are here.. pressing [spacebar] un-checks this box. Press enter to log out. Enter your password to log back in. 3 – The zoom When you are on a website you can zoom in by pressing [command & +] then you can zoom out by pressing [command & -] and to reset back to 100% is [command & 0] 2 – The spacebar [spacebar] opens a quick launch. good to quickly play a track instead of waiting for iTunes to load. 1 – The screen capture [command & shift & 3] takes a shot of the whole screen.. where as [command & shift & 4] takes a shot of a specific area. Click the image once and press [spacebar] to quickly view it. Better than waiting for the Preview application to launch. Press spacebar again to exit. Please subscribe! =) Music by Tommy Damani – Dubstep using GarageBand Music rights:
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