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Italy Diary -9 Cartizze, Cheryl Porter, Valdobbiadene and Green Villas Studio

The Iceland Volcano wipes out my home recording Boot camp by canceling the flights of every singles students. But we make the best of it by going on some wine and studio tours and I do a little work with a few artists. We even eat dandelions For info about Green Villas Studio (the place with the amazing views, check out:

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Villas in Italy Tuscany Villas Italy Vacation Rentals

Villas in Italy Tuscany Villas Italy Vacation Rentals


A better way to immerse yourself in the character of villa in Italy,Tuscany The iconic image of Italy villas and Tuscany villa take a different form in everyone’s mind. Find the Italian holiday of your dream villas in italy, tuscany villa with very special collection of holiday accommodation in Italy.


Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Capri, Cilento National Park: we love these places! This is where we live, where we spend our own vacations and where we want you to come. Let us show you the beauty of our land and the friendliness of our people. Let us make you feel Italian, at least a little bit.


And if you are looking for a different Italian destination, we have now made available a selection of italy villas and apartments in Tuscany, Umbria, Rome, Venice and Lake Como that have been recommended to us by friends and by past guests themselves.


Tuscany :

Famous for its Chianti wines, its magnificent historic towns, such as Florence, Siena, Arezzo, San Gimignano, Cortona, Lucca and Volterra, and its peaceful nature, tuscany villas reveals its very soul with placid hills, wide pastures and neatly harvested vineyards and offers travelers a continuous sequence of stimulating highlights.


Amalfi Coast :

This spectacular coastline, which embraces the charming towns of Positano, Praiano, Amalfi and Ravello, invites you to imagine yourself back in the sunny carefree days of the sixties – for here the beauty and romance of those times have not changed.


Sorrento Coast :

Sorrento is one of the best known resorts in villas italy , situated on a tract of coastline of unrivalled beauty, on the northern slope of the Sorrentine Peninsula, in a sheltered spot, surrounded by luxuriant hills where vines, olives and above all high quality citrus fruits are grown. The site of patrician villas during Roman times, it has been a highly prestigious retreat since 700.

Jyoti is a writer for villas in Italy Tuscany villas Italy vacation rentals

This is a video for my YouTube friends. Me and my sister Silvia went on a trip to Northern Italy in August. This is the 1st clip, I’m gonna do more dedicated to mio fratello Redneckpepi64. These were the places we went to Pepi’s – South of Milan Langhe, Barolo in Piedmont S. of Turin The North-Western shore of the Mediterranean (little town called Andora, just a few miles from the French border) Back to Pepi’s for a great evening eating, drinking and laughing with Pepi and the jam you might have seen Lago Maggiore – a lake right in the Alps which partially belongs to Switzerland, but most of it belongs to Italy Gotta thank my lovely sister Silvia: This was the first time we did this and I had a really great time. Gotta thank Pepi, too: You da man, bro!

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