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How the Changing Internet User Impacts Online Marketing with Mike Grehan

In this video interview, Internet marketing pioneer Mike Grehan discusses the future of of Internet marketing. The end -user has gotten used to a much rich experience now, says Grehan. In addition, the increased use of hand-held devices is related to getting information in modes other than a Google search. Internet access is now multimodal. The rise of location-based services, too, is related to changes in the end-user, who often accesses the Internet while mobile in order to find local services. Survey your users to see what they’re using to connect with you. A look at your analytics can give you similar information. Grehan notes that there is a diminishing value of SEO as we used to understand it. Now, best practice is to build SEO-friendly factors into website templates directly. Our focus instead should be on enhancing the end-user experience. Marketers who don’t change as their users change will become obsolete. Mike Grehan is the Global Vice President of Content for ClickZ, Search Engine Watch, and Search Engine Strategies Conferences. This interview was recorded at the SES Conference in San Francisco in August 2010.
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Microsoft Windows Refund of $160 for Linux User : Microsoft By way of Apple?

Tech Babble S3 E30 : 02/21/2012 Ok try and talk about the fact that some one finally managed to get a refund for that Win license they did not want, but were forced to buy…. the bytes feed …some how wind up talking about Apple. But we get back to Microsoft Office for iPad

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Android User Interface made easy

Android User Interface made easy

Android User Interface made easy is ideal for beginners as it not only covers the User Interface in detail, but also includes 34 tutorials with line by line commentary: The areas covered are:
User Interface – a brief overview of the User Interface introducing the key components; Views, ViewGroups, Layouts, UI Events, Menus, Adapters, Styles and Themes.
Declaring layouts – the layout defines the arrangement of the elements on the screen. It also contains all these elements. We cover layouts here in more detail, explaining how to create a layout file and how to use it in your application.
Creating menus – Android uses Option and Context menus. We cover both in detail using a tutorial.
Creating dialogs – dialogs are the sma

List Price: $ 7.99

Price: $ 7.99


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