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Oscars 2011: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

TV Guide Network is live on the red carpet for Hollywood’s biggest night, the 83rd annual Academy Awards! Host Chris Harrison interviews Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban!
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Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban On New Baby, ‘Faith’’s Diana Madison (Twitter: @DianaMadison) catches up with Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban about their new baby, motherhood & the Awards Show season.
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Jaeger Sports Mental Training Seminar at MLB Urban Youth Academy With Baseball Players

Alan Jaeger, of Jaeger Sports, speaks to the baseball players at the MLB Urban Youth Academy about the mental side of baseball and life — topics include, being present, being process oriented versus result oriented, and the importance of mental practice. Mental practice, like any other form of practice, can dramatically improve mental skills: relaxation, focus, discipline, concentration, clarity, confidence, etc. Jaeger Sports is also dedicated to Arm Health, Strength, Velocity, Accuracy, Pitching, Endurance and Recovery Period.
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