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BMX – Extreme BMX Tricks

BMX and cross tricks with names (BMX tricks motion created by me – ©Milo™) Share this video in the BMX World “Don’t Care just Ride”
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BMX Tricks

Skatepark Emerica in Ravensburg – BMX, Scooter and Skateboards on one of the best Skateparcs in this area. BMX Tricks & Stunts. When beeing there for watching the guys asked us to film their actions, jumps in the pool/on the ramps and perfomance on camera. So we did and this is what came out. Next time we´ll do some Skateboard Action :-) On that day there were some Skaters, Scooters and BMX Bikes as they are there almost every day. Thanks boys, was a great day and cool experience! btw: A cool Skateboard Shop in Ravensburg is “Fossy”. My son bought a cool Skateboard there for a good price :-) Deutsch: Skatepark Emerica in Ravensburg – BMX, Scooter und Skateboards auf einem der schönsten und besten Skateparks in Oberschwaben. Die Aufnahmen entstanden eher zufällig, als uns die Jungs gefragt haben ob wir ihre Sprünge, Tricks und Aktionen im Pool und auf den Rampen aufnehmen würden. Wenn wir dort nochmal filmen, gibt´s auch mehr von den Skateboards, dieses mal waren die BMX und Scooter Fahrer dran. Vielen Dank an die Jungs – es war echt ne coole Aktion! Camera: Dirk – and Rod Meier, Fotograf Ulm, Musik von BeaTheBeat, Song “Hit it Hard”, für dieses Video lizenziert. Tags: Skatepark Ravensburg Emerica BMX Tricks BMX Stunts Skateboarding Bike Crash Jump Action Extreme Sk8 Skate Skating Park Board Skater Inline “Roller Skating” Ramp Boarding Stunt Ollie “Skate Park” Fossy cool “Outdoor Sports” Skateparc 720 Emerika Best Fail Fun “BMX Stunts” 2012
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BMX Riding Skills: The Guide to Flatland Tricks

BMX Riding Skills: The Guide to Flatland Tricks

A comprehensive guide to the “king of street sports.” Intense racing, jaw-dropping stunts and freestyle tricks make BMX a favorite among youth. BMX Riding Skills is about the tricks, guiding readers through the maneuvers, techniques, clothing and equipment that add up to competition-worthy skills and a pro street image. Packed with hundreds of illustrations and action photos and written in a laid-back style typical of its audience, the book features: 35 of the most popular BMX tricks
The origins and culture of BMX
Types of BMX riding
The rules of this “rule-free” sport
Competition and events
Types of BMX bikes, materials and components
Choosing the right wheels and tires
The best in protective equipment

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Price: $ 1.81

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Brett Banasiewicz 5 BMX Tricks 5 Questions

My Five is an Alli feature where we ask five fun questions to different athletes and compile all the answers. For this video, we talked to BMX’er Brett Banasiewicz.

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Freestyle BMX Tricks: Flatland and Air

Freestyle BMX Tricks: Flatland and Air

A complete guide to BMX freestyle. BMX trick riding is divided into two styles: flatland and air. Flatland, as the name suggests, refers to the jumps, turns and spins freestylers do from the ground. Air refers to the tricks that involve the ramps, rails and jumps commonly found at skate parks, which allow BMX riders to get even more height. Freestyle BMX Tricks is about the flatland and air tricks that every freestyler wants to learn, whatever their level of skill or experience. Sean D’Arcy takes readers through 39 tricks step by step, and vivid action photos in full color highlight critical moves. D’Arcy reveals the secrets to every trick’s success, providing insider’s tips and techniques. “Common problem” boxed asides help get

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Dotcomsecrets X – Learn Internet Marketing Tips & Tricks – A couple of weeks ago I was challenged by a customer to try and make money online from scratch, without using my list or large advertising budgets. I decided that I would follow Dot Com Secrets X because of the low cost, the excellent step by step training and the fact that the first 7 days are focused around free methods for making sales. The fact is, this system works. However, you will need to put in work. Anybody that tells you that its possible to make money online without any work is a liar. I decided that I would totally focus on this for 2 weeks and I managed to average 15-30 new subscribers to my list each day and I averaged around per day. Sign Up for DotComSecrets X Now! – Click here

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HD Nation – Star Wars Hits Blu-Ray! 5 Tricks For Setting Up HDTV, Cheap HD Tuner, Windows Media – Tekzilla

Full Episode: New HDTV? Robert Heron walks you through the settings you should fix to make sure it looks its best! Star Wars and Citizen Kane released on Blu-ray. (At least Orson Welles didn’t screw up Kane.) Can you use CableCARD Tuner with Media Center, or just Media Center Extender? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00:22 HDTV Setup 101 Just got a new HDTV? If you’re not sure what the best way is to set it up, we’ve got a guide for you! Watch the video as Robert walks you through the process of setting up your new display, making sure you don’t make those common mistakes. 08:59 Cheap USB TV Tuners Want to get TV on your PC, but don’t want to break the bank? Watch the video as we list a few options for you to satisfy your couch surfing urges without spending money you don’t have. 11:35 Sharing Video Across HTPCs Is it possible to make your Ceton TV Tuner think your HTPC is a Windows Media Center Extender? 12:49 New Blu-ray Releases for September 13th, 2011 New releases for this week include Star Wars, Citizen Kane, and more! Watch the video for details on our favorites, and check out High-Def Digest and High Def Disc News for the complete list of releases. Like, Comment, Share Today’s video!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watch the Full Episode here: More on the full episode includes: *Windows 8 Beta Released! New
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101 Google Android Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

101 Google Android Tips, Tricks and Tweaks

The Android OS is everywhere; computers, eReaders, cars, and of course phones. If you don’t have a device with Android, there’s a good chance you will very soon. This book is not a manual; it is intended as a quick guide to features and apps you may have overlooked. It is intended to be used with phone users, but if you have Android on something else, it will still have valuable tips and tricks.

Tricks and Tips Include:
*How to use your phone as a Wi-Fi router
*What apps you should get
*How to save battery life
*How to send free text and make free calls
*How to set your phone to automatically forward certain phone numbers
*How to speed up your phone
*How to sync outlook with your ph

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Price: $ 2.99


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Windows Vista Tips and Tricks Part 1 of 3

If you have just bought or are about to buy Windows Vista and don’t want to take the time to learn everything, this video is for you. Instead of taking days to truly learn the ins and outs of the OS, watch this video to get tips and tricks. Or just watch it for a preview of Windows Vista. Thanks! :-) I get my wallpapers from here:
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All Blacks tricks & skill at training – RD – Rugby Channel NZ advert for more great clips. This one is courtesy of the Rugby Channel in New Zealand. http

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