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Monumental Treasures of the World! Episode 2

Various Locations In Italy, Morocco, Myanmar, Spain, Trinidad and China Pisa is a Renaissance city in western Tuscany, located at the mouth of the River Arno and where historic monuments acknowledge the glory of this former maritime power. A place of remarkable monuments that also contains the artistic treasures of various Italian cities. Both spiritual and worldly treasures are in total harmony. The Piazza dei Miracoli — The Square of Miracles — encircles the majestic Leaning Tower. Several historic places of interest and ancient buildings such as the impressive, Tour Hassan, are to be found in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. The entrance gates to this area are protected by proud Horse Guards in traditional uniform. Their sharp-pointed lances symbolize the historic military power of the former leaders of the Almohad Dynasty. Today, the vast marble floor and the bases of several pillars indicate the huge dimensions of the unfinished mosque. In the East Asian landscape of Myanmar, formerly Burma, is a proud and historic landmark. After a fascinating hour long boat trip on the country’s largest river, the Ayeyarwady, we arrive at Mingun. This friendly and hospitable village is well known by both foreign and native visitors. Typical bullock carts are perfect for a journey into this region’s past. La Mezquita Cathedral is one of the most important historical monuments in Cordoba, a beautiful city in southern Spain and former residence of the Moorish Caliphs. This was once
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Artful Italy: The Hidden Treasures (Invisible Cities Travel Guide S.)

Artful Italy: The Hidden Treasures (Invisible Cities Travel Guide S.)

For those wanting to explore Italy’s rich artistic heritage beyond the usual tourist attractions, this unique guide is the answer. Presented are the more authentic, less-crowded locations and works, including tapestries, paintings, sculptures, and gardens, that are often the favorites of Italian art connoisseurs. An introduction to the huge “Tapestries of the Month” in Milan, which occupy an entire banquet room of the Castello Sforzesco; the vibrant and surreal “Dante Room” at the Casino Massimo, Rome; the Ancient Instruments Collection; and many other hidden treasures set this true art lover’s guide apart from the many guidebooks that cover the usual well-worn attractions.

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Treasures of the Bee Gees Reviews

Treasures of the Bee Gees

 “Stayin’ Alive” is not just the name of one of the Bee Gees’ greatest hits: it’s the perfect description of their timeless, always-popular music. The band has enjoyed worldwide record sales of close to 200 million–including Saturday Night Fever, the world’s best selling soundtrack. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 and awarded CBEs in recognition of their extraordinary contribution to music, the Gibb brothers have known tragedy as well as success. Treasures of the Bee Gees tells their amazing story in words, photographs, and 20 pieces of hands-on facsimile memorabilia.  Memorabilia includes:
– Program for the Bee Gees and Procol Harum concert, 1968
– Bath Pavilion poster for “The B.G.’s,” 1968
– Ult

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The Treasures Of Florence And Italy

The Treasures Of Florence And Italy

When you imagine Italy, it is really Florence Italy that you are seeing. That is because Florence is at the heart of Italy. It is a place filled with passions and indulgences that awaken all the senses. Visual masterpieces are there to behold and one almost begins to salivate at the thought of the Florentine cuisine. To make the most of your visit to Florence, you can learn a little here about where to stay, what to do, and what you can expect from the locals.

A Warm Welcome

The first thing you expect from your visit to Florence is a warm and hearty welcome. The local people are lovers of people and are not afraid to show it. It is not uncommon to be greeted at your villa by a someone’s “Nona” (grandmother) with a big hug and a hot plate of food – no matter what the time is when you arrive.

Next your accommodation at any price level will be clean and pristine. The linens and furnishing may not be the most luxurious in the lower costing rentals, but they will be freshly washed and painstakingly starched. It’s just the Italian way to keep their homes extremely clean and they offer no less to their guests.

Some Choices on Where to Stay

There are some popular favourites within the city limits of Florence. The Savoy hotel, Florence, Italy is one of those. Here you will find five star accommodations within walking distance of two of Florence’s most popular attractions – the Uffizi Gallery and the Ponte Vecchio.

Another Florence hotel popular among tourists is the Westin Excelsior. It is also located close to the most visited and historic attractions and offers rooms and services American’s are most comfortable with. In addition to these highest rated hotels, visitors will be comfortable at such centrally located lodgings as the Hotel Rivoli or Palazzo Galletti.

For extended stays in Florence you may want to look into apartment or villa rentals. Apartments can be found within the city limits, while most villas are about 20-30 km outside the city. For travel to wine country and then back to the city, Florence car rental offices can accommodate your needs.

Apartments in Florence Italy are generally small, but efficient. You will find a small kitchen is the norm, but they provide enough space to cook simple meals. For a short term rental, they are more than adequate and provide a good home base for exploring the entire Tuscany region.

Downtown Florence Italy is one of the most historically significant cities in Italy. Here tourists come to take in the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge crossing the River Arno, and the St. Croce Chuch. In addition, there is the Duomo, the city’s Exhibition and Congress Centre. No visit to Florence Italy would be complete without feeding the pigeons at Boboli gardens or walking down the garden’s avenue lined with cypress trees dating back to the 1600s.

Florence is a city that needs more than a weekend to see it all. Plan on visiting during the most pleasant season between April and June and make sure you give yourself at least a week to enjoy the city and surrounding countryside.

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