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Mexican Food Recipes

The Mexican Food Recipes Are Surprisingly Similar.

Being from Texas, I have practically grown up on Mexican food, and I absolutely love it more than anything else. What I have found over the years, however, is that Mexican food recipes are surprisingly similar in that many of the dishes use essentially the same ingredients.
Tacos are probably my favorite food off all. I have liked them since I was a little kid, when I would ask for them every year for my birthday dinner, and nothing has really changed. I still ask for them regularly, and they are quite simple in concept. All they require is ground beef, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, seasoning and taco shells or tortillas.

They are easy to make and taste delicious, just as many Mexican food recipes are. When I started to think about all of the Mexican dishes that I really like, however, I started to notice a very similar trend. Nearly every meal that I like is some variation of those ingredients, with a few more added in here and there.
Burritos, for instance, are ground beef, cheese, seasoning, tortillas and refried beans. If you like them this way, you can add potatoes, but for the most part, the ingredients are the same for burritos as they are for tacos with the exception of beans. Then there are tostadas, which I also love. These are basically a cross between a taco and a burrito. This recipe calls for a tostada shell, which is basically a flat taco shell, along with ground beef, cheese, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and seasoning.

Tortillas are a staple in most Mexican food recipes, as are beans. I have found that with one of my favorite foods, enchiladas, they typically use a different type of tortilla than some other recipes, in that they include corn tortillas. However, the ingredients still include beef and cheese in most cases, or in some cases, chicken.
I also am a big fan of flautas, which basically are tortillas wrapped around beef or chicken and then deep fried. It’s probably not the best thing for your heart, but they are pretty tasty nonetheless.

I love the fact that Mexican food recipes are so simple in terms of ingredients, and yet so flavorful. Mexican restaurants are probably the most popular in the state of Texas, and I feel very fortunate that one can find really good Mexican food pretty much everywhere.
Mexican food recipes are part of my family’s regular cuisine, even though we are an Irish-American family. It is hard not to fall in love with Mexican food once you have had it, and with such a great variety of meals that can be made from such a small group of ingredients, it is impressive, too.

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