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“TILT” 1979 – Brooke Shields, Ken Marshall & Charles Durning – 1hr 51min.

Tilt (Shields) is a young pinball wizard who has thoughts of running away from home. Skipping school one day, Tilt decides to go to Mickey’s Bar, where the o…

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  • Very rare video

This is a comedy/drama starring Brooke Shields. She plays a pinball wizard who gets conned into joining a pinball hustler who has a vendetta against an old nemesis pinball pro named “The Whale” (Charles Durning). Despite the fact that Shields is only 14-years-old, she leaves home with the guy and travels across the southwest, on the way to Texas. This film is ridiculous, but great campy fun. The characters’ actions are wrong on so many levels. No one seems to mind that a 14-year-old runaway has joined the pinball circuit! Durning has never looked fatter. Look for Lorenzo Lamas in a brief role. “Life is like a seagull. The more you feed it, the more it sh**s on you.”


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Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

Golf Life Television and interview Michael Bennett, the co-inventor of the popular new swing on the PGA Tour, The Stack and Tilt. Bennett and his partner researched golf swings and body mechanics to arrive at this golf swing philosophy that has been very successful with many PGA tour professionals like Dean Wilson, Mike Wier and Arron Baddeley. Find more golf feature videos online at or

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