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ThunderClan Trick or Treats – A Warriors Speed Paint

READ DESCRIPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I had to re-post this because the older video had a really long music gap Picture Link: YESSSSS I HAVE FINALY BEEN FREED FROM THE PRISON OF VISTA 6, A LOT OF HOMEWORK, AND FORCED SCIENCE FAIR!!!! :DDDDD Omg LOL. School has harassed me enough and it is finally letting up. This means MOAR SPEED PAINTS YEY Anyway, I know this video is late for Halloween, but I couldn’t finish it on Halloween because my workload was too heavy. I also had Windows Vista Six and it kept dieing on me. Now I am updated to Windows Vista Seven!! Yay!!! Anyway, this is a speed paint of the warriors of ThunderClan trick or treating down the street. I know some of these cats were not alive during the time the other cats were alive (blah blah) but I wanted to include a bunch of awesome warrior cats from EVERY series. I forgot Graystripe. DONT KILL ME!!!!! Another reason why this took so long to post is because this pic took me 10 freaking hours. A pic like this should not take that long XD. But it was really fun!!! I loved the doing the background. Oh yeah, the video is 10 min. because if I sped up the recording any faster you wouldn’t be able to see my drawing lol. The older cats are chaperons, and I couldn’t decide what to dress Jayfeather and Brightheart up as. LOL I was going to make brightheart a dog……. but then I would have mobs of warriors fans chasing me everywhere XD. HAHAHAHHA poor Jayfeather he bumped into the Stop Sign lol XDD IT
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