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Britney Spears Is a Three-Headed Alien

Britney Spears Is a Three-Headed Alien

For the millions of fans who have made Britney Spears the hottest female singer in America comes a parody that takes the reader into the Adrian-Mole-ish world of a California teen! Dear Diary; I admit it. I’ve been following Britney Spears since she was a Mouseketeer in a training bra. I’m not proud of it, but at least I’m honest. That’s why I know something happened to Britney before the MTV Awards. That wasn’t Britney up there, and that’s not her out there now! I have proof. The Britney we know and love is missing. Abducted. Replaced. By a three-headed alien…and now that alien is after me…For Liz Barlowe and her best friend Chad Carter, a chance to meet pop star Britney Spears would pretty much be the pinnacle of their adolescent care

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