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Intec Solutions – Application Development

In today’s fast paced Business World keeping pace with technology means keeping a competitive edge. Intec Solutions understands Technology and how to use it to benefit your business’s bottom line. Custom Web Application Development is Our Expertise. We have designed and developed custom web applications in many different industries and have a proven 10 year track record of successful outcomes and satisfied customers. We take a “Listen First” approach with all our clients. We take the time to listen to our client’s needs and to understand the way they do business. We feel that taking the time to understand a customer business means choosing a better technology solution. Some examples of how custom application development can help our business… – Improving efficiency and processes – Organizing data – Creating valuable custom reporting tools Intec’s clearly defined Rapid Phase Application Development Process has helped our clients achieve their goals and objectives in and efficient and effective time frame.

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Laptop display not working? 3 possible solutions to do yourself In this video i explain three possible solutions to a blank, black, not working laptop display which you can do yourself before bringing it to a professional. 1) Drain “ALL” excess charge from the laptop (you would be surprised how many laptops display will fire up from this simple step). Then fire the laptop back up. 2) you may have a corrupted RAM chip (or your RAM/memory slot could be dirty or corrupted) Change the RAM and/or change RAM slots. I even solved display issues on a PC with this step. 3) Sync an external monitor to replace the display from the laptop. Hook up the laptop to an external monitor then press a toggle key (ex. FN+F5, or F4, or F10 depending on your laptop. You can do this with a blank laptop display. If these steps dont resolve your issue then it could be the back light display, video card, mother board, loose connections or many other possible causes. Post a comment if you need help or which one of the 3 steps resolved your issue. PS. if your PCs display does not come on, try to reset the cmos/bios. I just assisted a youtuber with his issue and he simply reset the jumpers on his PC and everything is back up and running now. And please SUBSCRIBE:

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Jon Bon Jovi White House Council on Community Solutions Meeting

Jon Bon Jovi White speech at House Council on Community Solutions Meeting

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Solutions Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 demo

This demo shows how developers and ISVs can manage thier solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
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