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Tennis Tips: Tennis Stances (Tennis Forehand, Tennis Backhand and Tennis Backhand Slice)) This week Ryan Segelke from High Altitude Tennis in Parker Colorado discusses the different tennis forehand, tennis backhand and tennis backhand slice stances. As a tennis player it is important that you understand and can do every tennis stance to have an all around game. The closed stance is used when stepping into the court on your tennis forehand or tennis backhand and to one side. It’s important to make sure that you adjust your back foot on your tennis stance to make sure your hips do not lock out, and that they can continue the Kinetic chain until your hips face forwards. If you do not let the back foot swing around in your closed stance tennis forehand then you will essentially be hitting your tennis forehand groundstroke or tennis backhand groundstroke primarily with your arms. Square stance tennis forehand is something we highly recommend for our players at High Altitude Tennis Academy. This allows you to be able to step into the court, take time away from your opponent and drive the ball through the tennis court. Also, your square stance tennis forehand will allow you to move forward when needed, allowing you to get to the net more efficiently giving you more angle to finish the point. The semi open stance is used when you don’t have enough time to adjust your feet and get in position for the square stance tennis forehand. An open stance is not needed because the player is likely not wide enough to need to use the open stance for
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Making Memories Slice Design Card, Travel USA

Making Memories Slice Design Card, Travel USA

  • For use with either the Slice or Slice Elite Cordless Design Cutters
  • Cuts most shapes on card 1″ to 4″ in 1/2″ increments
  • Design Card measures 1 by 1 1/4 inches

Features American travel themed letters, numbers, shapes and words

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 22.41

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Tennis Serve- Slice Serve Technique

Mastered the basic serve? Want to learn how to hit serves with spin? Learn how to hit slice serves like Rafael Nadal with the slice serve guide from Want to be as good as Federer, Nadal, Murray and Blake?! Get access to this video and many more, ALL FOR FREE, at REGISTER NOW at, the home of world class coaching online, and FREE! Dont forget to subscribe to the youtube channel to receive updates when we upload new videos.
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Escape to Italy and Experience a Slice of the Unexplored Land!

Escape to Italy and Experience a Slice of the Unexplored Land!

A great vacation need not necessarily be your days spent in the most luxurious resorts. The tranquil beauty of a village is more than enough to give you that expected break. If you’re a person who is waiting for a means to escape the urban life, then this Italy travel guide help you out.

Most travelers who go to Italy tend to restrict themselves only to Florence, Venice, or Rome. But very few realize that there is a lot more to Italy than just the popular tourist destinations that are bustling with activity. Traveling to the not so popular tourist destinations is the best way to learn about the art, architecture, culture, and of course the local cuisine of Italy.

Italy is famous for its vineyards, but not many of us know about the Italy’s beer culture. Sample Italian beer in the Microbreweries of Piedmont and Lombardy and become a part of the evolving culture. Not just the breweries, Piedmont is home to breathtaking landscapes as well. The serene beauty of the snow-topped mountains in the Alps or the magnificent images of the rolling foothills that flow out to meet the wide and luxuriant plain is sure to steal your heart.

The wines of Montalcino, especially its local wines, such as Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino have the finest reputation around the world. You can also enjoy spectacular architecture of Montalcino on your visit to the Fortress of Montalcino, Chiesa Di Sant’Agostino, Musei Riuniti, the Duomo, Palazzo Communale, and Centro Storico in this Tuscany tour.

If you are looking for an exciting adventurous tour, then escape to Italy with the Mountain Biking Tour in Sardinia. From Pula and to Montevecchio you can trace the ancient Roman trail to discover the romance of South Western Sardinia.

The unexplored beauty of the magical land of Italy that you’ve not read in books is sure to cast a spell on you. Think no more, escape to Italy with Perillo Tours!

Hello this is steve perillo, onwer of perillo tours For 65 Years, the best in fully escorted trips to Italy and Hawaii. Please vist the talk show.

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