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The voted TOP 10 MacBook Pro shortcuts 2012 dubstep

Facebook: Here are the shortcuts: 10 – The dock [command & option & D] will hide the dock. [command & option & D] will show the dock. 9 – The swap [option & click an application] will open that program and minimise the one you were just on. 8 – The save [command & S] will save a version of what ever you have open 7 – The quit [command & W] will shut down what ever page you are currently on 6 – The desktop [fn & F11] will move all windows and show the desktop 5 – The search [command & F] brings up a search box in just about anything. Or to specifically search whats on your computer only.. use the spotlight 4 – The logging out [command & shift & Q] logs you out. While we are here.. pressing [spacebar] un-checks this box. Press enter to log out. Enter your password to log back in. 3 – The zoom When you are on a website you can zoom in by pressing [command & +] then you can zoom out by pressing [command & -] and to reset back to 100% is [command & 0] 2 – The spacebar [spacebar] opens a quick launch. good to quickly play a track instead of waiting for iTunes to load. 1 – The screen capture [command & shift & 3] takes a shot of the whole screen.. where as [command & shift & 4] takes a shot of a specific area. Click the image once and press [spacebar] to quickly view it. Better than waiting for the Preview application to launch. Press spacebar again to exit. Please subscribe! =) Music by Tommy Damani – Dubstep using GarageBand Music rights:
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Microsoft Excel 2010 Introduction Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts – Laminated Card)

Microsoft Excel 2010 Introduction Quick Reference Guide (Cheat Sheet of Instructions, Tips & Shortcuts – Laminated Card)

Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft Office Excel 2010. The following topics are covered: Creating Workbooks, Entering and Editing Data, Undo and Redo, Resizing Column Width and Row Height, Inserting and Deleting Rows Columns and Cells, Clearing Cells, Clearing Formatting, Formatting Numbers and Cells, Aligning and Merging Cell Contents, Borders and Grids, Viewing the Worksheet as it will Print, Entering Dates, Entering Sequences. Entering Formulas & Functions, Entering a SUM Function Quickly, Absolute vs. Relative Cell References. Copying and Moving Data: Copying to Adjacent Cells; Cut, Copy, Paste; Drag & Drop. Sheet Features: Renaming, Moving, Copying, Selecting, Insertin

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