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Ricky Martin, Carlos Santana & Jose Feliciano LIVE – “Light My Fire” and “Oy Como Va” – STEREO HQ

…in New Jersey, ’99. Enjoy.
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Scarlett Santana & CnC Music Factory Rain (Dance Club Remix)

WoW!! You Gotta See This!! The hottest new female singer/rapper out right now, check it out and give her love. Help me spread this beautiful song ya’ll. Lyrics to Rain (clivilles, guarda, kupper) Chorus When it rains it pours, you can’t ignore your whole world tumbling down Just stand your ground, fight your fight, guess who’s stronger now. You know it’s you, yeah I got your back, Don’t you worry baby, you’ll make it through, No matter what when times are rough I’ll be here for you, I’ll be here for you Verse 1 I see you with your head down stressed out Weight of the world coming down on your shoulders built Teflon strong Thought I told you’s a soldier Every now and then you need someone there to hold you, call on me I’ll always be right here for you, when you’re down on your luck, And enough is enough but I won’t let you give up, no no They wanna watch you fold but it’s a no go, Cause shorty got a point to prove Bsection Come and lean on my shoulder, I’m here for you now I always got your back when no one’s around It’s now or never, it can’t rain forever Like the sun you can break through the clouds, when it rains it pours Chorus, When it rains, it pour…… Verse 2 Step up, set it off, hmm shut ’em down Don’t you call it quits, can’t turn back now Won’t let you be the victim, be victorious At the end I’m your friend, baby no matter what When you’re down and out, I’ll pick you back up You were there for me when nobody else was You’re my confidant, my very best friend We
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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