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Rugby Rules for Beginners

A video to help people who want to learn about rugby, especially those used to watching American Football. Please feel free to ask any questions you have about rugby in the comments section. I’ll make sure to respond with answers. Please no Rugby vs Football fights! If anyone is interested, the song being played is Vendetta Nerds by Shawn Lee from the soundtrack to the video game Bully. Notes: There are 15 players per side- technically 30 players on the field. Thanks to the youtube community for help with the clips.

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Cowell: Susan Boyle ‘has Broken the Rules’

Simon Cowell talks about Susan Boyle’s conquest of America, how she made him look at himself and how she has broken the rules of pop. (Dec. 2)
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National Television

New Rules and Sources For Viewing National Television. Television use to come into the home through an antenna that picked up the three major networks and a few other stations, if you were lucky. If you wanted to watch national television, you had to have a good antenna on your television or on the roof of your home. After that cable came along, and you didn’t always need the antenna any longer, though some still used them in rural areas up until recently when all television went to digital and a converter box became necessary as well. Thankfully, there are many different ways to get your television fix when you need it.

You can still get your national television shows through your local cable company. Cable now has hundreds of channels and also carries high definition channels for the newer television sets on the market. Cable also offers other options for watching movies and shows that you could not get just five or ten years ago. Your Internet connection may also come through your cable connection, depending on where you live. Cable comes in large and small packages, and can be put in any room in your home that you wish. Television can be anywhere you want it.

You can also get your national television shows through a satellite service. These are great if you want to save money, but there are some downfalls. Unlike cable, satellite television does tend to go out or have poor quality in bad weather. Some people simply can not get a good connection due to geography. However, if you can get a good, crisp signal, you can get national television shows through satellite at a great rate. You can get high definition channels through most carriers as well. Satellite is available in areas where there is no cable or very limited channels through local cable.

If you want to watch national television shows that are not current, you have the option of going through Netflix to see what you missed. In many cases, you can get entire seasons of your favorite shows from years past through Netflix through your television set. You can also order these through the mail as you would with other movies. Netflix also offers you some movies and other special national television programs through their instant and through the mail service. You can get this on your own or through X-Box Live if you wish. Other gaming services may offer the same thing.

The Internet is a great place to find some national television programming. Some soaps and other types of series offer that day or week of programming on their own web site. You can also find national television and international television shows through other online sources as well. If you have missed your shows and you forgot to record them, see if you can find them online. If you want to start a series all over again, chances are good that you can do that too. Not all series are offered this way, most of the popular ones end up being out on DVD, online, through Netflix, or as reruns on your cable or satellite service.

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