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Cool Rides

Fasten your seatbelts as The Best of California takes you on the wildest rides California has to offer! Dare the dunes in San Luis Obispo, float down the delta in a deluxe houseboat, and witness a daring dog fight at Air Combat USA. The Best of California is an entertaining and informative travel show featuring real people visiting California’s best destinations and places, with expert commentary from the travel writers of Sunset Magazine. Each episode, hosted by Kristin Holt, highlights romantic getaways, family fun, and sports and adventure.

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The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again

There’s more trouble afoot as The Apple Dumpling Gang (Don Knotts and Tim Conway) can’t stop causing trouble — and laughs — even when they give up their life of crime! First the ditsy duo is accused of bank robbery as they try to deposit a check. Then they join the US Cavalry and wind up in the stockade for inadvertently blowing up their fort. Although they escape this mess, the witless team who could never shoot straight still can’t seem to succeed in going straight. It’s riotous, raucous fun as THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG RIDES AGAIN!
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The Travel Channel World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides 2 – Riding the American Desserts on a Saxon Custom Chopper

The Travel Channel has a great programme: World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides, by Henry Cole. He makes these rides on a Saxon! He likes the looks of the semi custom bike and more important, the bike drives smoothly and comfortably. In Riding the American Desserts Henry Cole sets out on his radical all American Saxon to experience one of the most breathtaking yet inhospitable landscapes in the world. The 1500 mile journey of extremes takes in the Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Route 66 and the glorious mountain ride through Sedona to journey’s end south of Phoenix Arizona (production site of Saxon USA).

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