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Erotic Confessions:Intimacy [VHS] Reviews

Erotic Confessions:Intimacy [VHS]

vhs format

List Price: $ 39.95

Price: $ 9.92

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My Life Reviews

My Life

Michael Keaton is a young ad executive who discovers he is dying of cancer, just as he and his wifeare expecting their first child. Deciding to make a video of his life as a gift for the child he may never know, he embarks on a journey of self discovery, confronting his painful past.

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 6.54

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Friends: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] Reviews

Friends: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]

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Friends: The Complete Series (Blu-Ray)

List Price: $ 279.98

Price: $ 114.99

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$5 a Day Reviews

a Day

Christopher Walken is hilarious as Nat, an eccentric con-artist and deadbeat dad dying to reconnect with his troubled son, Flynn (Alessandro Nivola, The Eye, Laurel Canyon). Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Nat shanghais his reluctant son into driving him cross-country for experimental medical treatment. Low on cash, they pull off increasingly ridiculous and embarrassing schemes along the way to reach their destination spending only a day. Boasting a star-packed cast that includes Sharon Stone, Amanda Peet and Dean Cain, A DAY is an irresistibly fresh and charming comedy about letting go of the past and choosing your own road.The terrific cast of a Day lifts it above your average road-trip/buddy-movie/long-lost-dad-resurfaces fil

List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 3.25

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The Gangster Collection (American Gangster/Casino/Eastern Promises) [Blu-ray] Reviews

The Gangster Collection (American Gangster/Casino/Eastern Promises) [Blu-ray]

Contains The Movies Jarhead And The Kingdom American Gangster Ridley Scott puts on his “sweeping saga” gameface again, this time not for the sci-fi vistas of Blade Runner or the ancient world of Gladiator but for an urban epic. American Gangster gives the story of Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington), a real-life Harlem crime lord who built an empire on Southeast Asian heroin in the 1970s. Running parallel to Lucas’s somewhat standard story is the investigation led by a persistent New Jersey cop, Richie Roberts (Russell Crowe). Roberts is a more interesting character than Lucas–too honest for his own good, unlucky in his personal life–and this kind of character, easily patronized by others, fits Crowe like a polyester shirt. Scott’s tendency

List Price: $ 49.98

Price: $ 29.98

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6-Film Miramax V.5 Reviews

6-Film Miramax V.5

A modern re-telling of Shakespeare’s “Othello” set in an elite high school.

Two friends find themselves dangerous rivals for the love of the same girl.

When Simon awakens in the hospital after surviving a near-fatal accident, amnesia has erased the last two years from his memory.

A group of prep school friends make the dangerous decision to hide in a long-abandoned bomb shelter to party and hang out.

A pair of best friends set out on a desert hike. But what begins as a simple daytime adventure turns into an intense life-and-death journey.

A plague of blindness strikes and threatens all of humanity.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 0.01

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Kill Cruise & The Parasite (Double Feature) Reviews

Kill Cruise & The Parasite (Double Feature)

Kill Cruise & The Parasite (Double Feature)

List Price: $ 1.97

Price: $ 1.97

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Brad Pitt / Nicole Kidman Movie Collection Reviews

Brad Pitt / Nicole Kidman Movie Collection

Too Young to Die?
Fifteen-year-old Amanda Sue Bradley (Juliette Lewis), with the help of a lowlife named Billy Canton (Brad Pitt), finds herself charged with murder and facing the death penalty.

An Unfinished Affair
A brief and steamy tryst between married professor Alex Connor and seductive student Sheila (Jennie Garth) turns treacherous when he breaks it off.

Personal Effects
A widow (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the brother of a murder victim (Ashton Kutcher) find love while bonding over their grief.

The Leading Man
In a London theater, a Hollywood heartthrob (Jon Bon Jovi) and a beautiful actress (Thandie Newton) engage in a twisted love plot orchestrated by a cheating husband.


List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 2.39

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Hollywood Stories Reviews

Hollywood Stories

Five films tell very different stories relating to the “other side of Hollywood”. The collection includes: Don’t Give Me the Finger, Cut, Exit 8A, Sammy the Screenplay, and Who’s Kyle.This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 19.95

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Love Potion #9 Reviews

Love Potion #9

In this charming romantic comedy, a brilliant but lonely biochemist (Tate Donovan) gets a mysterious potion from a gypsy who guarantees it will turn his life around. After showing it to his co-worker (Sandra Bullock), a shy animal psychobiologist, they achieve amazing amorous results in a chimpanzee experiment. Now the only way to see if it works on humans is to test it on themselves.

List Price: $ 9.98

Price: $ 15.25

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