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Brooklyn, New York City – Video tour of a vacation rental on Sherman Street(Prospect Park)

Hello and welcome to another New York Habitat vacation rental video tour. Today we will be taking you to a lovely apartment ( in Park Slope, an exceptional neighborhood located in Brooklyn, New York. As you enter the apartment you will find yourself in the hallway. Heading down the hallway you will find the bathroom on your left. This white tiled bathroom has a tub and shower. At the end of the hallway is the kitchen. The kitchen has marble floors and is equipped with all amenities needed for cooking meals. Just next to the kitchen is Living Room 2. This furnished living room has a dining table with chairs and two large windows overlooking the garden. Next is Living Room 3. This alcove area is equipped with a queen size bed. Just next to Living Room 3 is Living Room 4. This is another alcove area, which is also equipped with a queen size bed. Moving on, we come to Living Room 1. This furnished living room has a TV and DVD player. There are also large windows in this room with a view of the street. Lastly is the bedroom, which can be included in the rental for larger groups. This bedroom contains a single size bed. Now that we have seen the apartment, let’s head out and see what Park Slope has to offer! There is much to do and see in Brooklyn’s own Prospect Park. This park is full of bike trails, recreational areas and open spaces for all sorts of activities. This park also contains several baseball fields, trails for horseback riding and holds a series of

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Vacation Rental Scam – The Story

—– —– Check out this video to hear the story of how one family were scammed when they visited Orlando on vacation. Learn how you can protect your family on your next vacation.
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The MacBook Rental Pro

Danny Fey is the MacBook Rental Pro. See why he calls the MacBook Pro the Mobile Warrier of technology. MacBook Pros are availabe for rent in the following sizes – 13″, 17″ and 15″. To inquire about renting a MacBook Pro, contact a Tech Travel Agent from at 800-736-8772 or email

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Vacation rental house in Italy Liguria Bed and Breakfast San Remo Imperia Bordighera Riviera The vacation rental house, Bed and Breakfast in San Remo Liguria ( Italy ),in the sweet “Riviera dei Fiori” the land of flowers, sun and colours near France, Monaco, Montecarlo, Menton, Nice, Bordighera, Imperia, Dolceacqua, Ospedaletti, Ventimiglia, Arma di Taggia,…

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Office Space Rentals

Though there are many perks that come along with working from home, there are a couple of disadvantages as well. For one thing, you’re likely to be distracted by a number of mundane happenings, such as the doorbell, personal phone calls, barking dogs, raucous children, or even the television. It’s hard to stay on track when there are so many non-business things going on. Another problem is that some potential clients or customers might not take you seriously when they realize you work from home.

This is usually not an issue when dealing with other small businesses, but if you’re trying to land a major account, your mailing address on Shady Pines Lane doesn’t exactly scream “corporate bigwig”. That’s why many people elect to look for cheap office space rentals in their area.

Cheap office space rentals are popular for small business owners because having a workspace away from home eliminates the problems I just mentioned. Now instead of having to run things out of the spare bedroom, you can retreat to a private suite that gives you the peace and quiet you need to get things done. Moreover, independent studies have concluded that most people tend to be more productive when they actually get dressed and work in a professional environment.

Sure, we all think we’d like to lounge around in our pajamas all day as we telecommute, but the reality is that we’re more likely to accomplish our daily tasks when we head out to our office space rentals instead of staying at home. And of course clients are more apt to consider your venture to be a legitimate operation if you have separate offices than if greet them in your living room.

It’s easy to find cheap office space rentals in any area, even without the help of a real estate agent. You can simply check local classified ads or online listings at Craigslist and similar websites. Or, if you have a specific locale in mind, all you have to do is drive out there in person to see if there are any vacancies available. In this type of economy, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a good deal on office space rentals. One thing you’ll have to decide before committing to one of these offices is the period of your lease agreement. Short-term leases typically carry a higher monthly rent, but the obvious benefit is that you won’t be locked in forever. Long-term leases might work in your favor if your business is relatively established, but could end up hurting if things go south in a hurry. You’ll have to examine your own finances to make this call.

On the whole, office space rentals can be a smart decision for small business owners looking to establish themselves as serious players in their field. It’s one thing to start a company out of your garage, but if you’re still there five years later, something’s wrong!

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Seaside Florida Beach Vacations & other Beach Rental Resorts

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of an overcrowded city is an area known as “Beaches of South Walton”, on Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast. Beaches of South Walton boasts the world’s most beautiful, white sandy beaches and emerald green water, the finest restaurants, breathtaking architecture, and is the perfect location for a relaxing vacation or to purchase an investment home. Whether it’s the breathtaking natural beauty, relaxing surroundings, the rich pleasure of luxury, or charming communities, Beaches of South Walton will enchant you. It is a hidden world of relaxation and elegance, a destination unlike any other. To learn more about Beaches of South Walton and the perfect, cozy, beachside home, cottage, or condo for your next vacation, call Emerald Sun Beach Rentals at 1-888-750-3554 for a complimentary vacation rental catalog, or log on to
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Vacation Rental Waterfront Cape Coral Florida. Cape Coral Southwest Florida Vacation Rental. This Villa is located, 5 minutes by boat, to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Go to for details. Your private covered dock with lift and captains walk awaits you as you explore the tropical waters. A screened in private heated pool and private Tiki Hut add to the tropical setting. Inside you will find a large TV in every bedroom. You have the convenience of wireless internet throughout the Villa included at no extra charge. The Master bedroom features a King Size bed with a luxurious Jacuzzi tub bath. The two guests rooms have Queen Size beds and recently upgraded appointments. Your Kitchen is large, and ready to provide you with all you will need to be comfortable.

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Affordable property rental in Italy

Affordable property rental in Italy

Property rental is a tricky subject and is a variable field. Rented villas and rented houses are often preferred by those moving to a new city, without a place of their own or by visitors. At Italica Online you can choose from many types of accommodations in Italy, such as Italy holiday rentals, Tuscany holiday villas, hotels in Italy and many other viable, quality and affordable alternatives. The rental market is always growing. Due to the current financial situation the prices are lower than few years ago.

Holyday tenting property can be done successfully online. It is advisable to go through a series of verifications, namely background checks, rental history, credit checks and many others. The company offers you samples from their wonderful selection of Italy villa rentals and sales.

The online solutions furnish all the comprehensive details that are essential in terms of a suitable property rental that can meet the desired requirements in terms of the suitable accommodation and housing solutions. Anyone who is looking for some amazing options that can suit the various eligibility criteria of these rental properties need to explore the online options at Italica Online because there are great detailed specifications of these rental properties furnished through property details, photographic representations in order to get a better view. At Italica Online you can choose from Italy holiday villa, farmhouses in Italy, country houses in Italy, Italian Villa rentals, Tuscany holiday villa and more others at convenient prices. People can enjoy stable monthly expenses. As the rents are very economical, people can easily afford the monthly payments. You can have a very enjoyable lifestyle.

As with any real estate, location counts more than any other factor. The best holiday properties offer a certain thing, a remarkable outlook of the sea, a villa with one or more pools, etc. Let it be known that longer distances or inaccessible streets make weekend journeys a depression, and that restricts your market. There are numerous fee benefits of a holiday residence and you should consider the levy tips on the chosen location to increase tax savings. You will probably want to use these rental services yearly. The company is online since 2002. So the quality of the services is guaranteed.

The Italy holiday rentals, Tuscany holiday villas, hotel in Italy, holiday accommodation in Italy, are required puzzle pieces in case you want to get the holiday of your life. Once you arrived you will want to stay forever and there is nothing impossible. The Tuscany villas are perfect for you and your family. In case you want villas without a pool maybe because your child did not learned to swim, they will show you luxury villas for sale with or without pool.

Finally, the advertised properties are available, cheap and offer good services.  Check the offer and find the most appropriate accommodation in Italy!

Here is the speech held at the AIESEC “51° Global Leaders Summit”, Rome 2009. First of all thanks to all the students attending the conference: you rock! :) The point of the talk was to share the experience of Internet in Italy, a country where Internet is still far to be widely used :( – 6 italians on 10 not using Internet yet; second last european country for internet usage – and focus on web opportunities for those people living in digital divide countries (for example what we are mainly dealing with here in Italy, and i guess in several countries around the world, is not only a technological, of infrastructure problem, but a cultural problem). With Codice Internet, an italian project based for the last six months I have been going around in Italy to various places, universities, squares, Parliament, conventions with 10 or 3000 people, festivals (!) meetings and all kinds of placeswhatever it takes to stay in contact with non internet people to divulge Internet and I’d really appreciate your feedback and suggestions about the digital divide matter. Thanks Marco Montemagno ps: few useful sources used in this talk Kevin Kelly Prof. Michael Wesch Doc Searls and David Weinberger David Weinberger For presentation: Garr Reynolds slide:ology

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