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IGN Staff – Keepin’ It Reel

IGN Staff – Keepin’ It Reel
from Keepin’ It Reel
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Ricky Martin – 17 Promo Reel

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Soccer Highlight Reel

A montage of the San Diego Waldorf high school PE class.
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LA CARMINA: travel TV host, hosting reel. Pop culture presenter, fashion blogger reporter Japan

La Carmina – – is a pop culture travel / fashion TV host (Travel Channel, Food Network, CNN), popular blogger, author of 3 books (Penguin USA and Random House), designer and journalist for AOL Travel / Huffington Post. TV HOST: La Carmina has appeared on The Today Show and co-hosted an episode ofBizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern for Travel Channel, which airs in 75 countries. NHK Japan filmed two documentaries about her work; recent TV hosting and arranging credits include Food Network, Dutch Pepsi, Sony Australia, Canal Plus France, Belgium TV, Norway TV, Fuel / Discovery / National Geographic, and CNN International. Presenting reel: TRAVEL SHOW: She hosts, writes, arranges and field produces a “Coolhunting America” travel TV show for Huffington Post / AOL. La Carmina travels and scouts out underground attractions and bizarre subcultures, starting with Wisconsin. First episode – COOLHUNTER : She runs a trend consulting / TV hosting and arranging company: La Carmina & The Pirates. The crew specializes in Cool Japan, cosplay, Goth, burlesque, LGBT, Jpop fashion, music, art and youth subcultures. ( BLOGGER + JOURNALIST: Her popular blog – – has been featured in major publications (The New Yorker, Washington Post, WWD, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Italia, LA Times). She is a travel and pop culture journalist for CNN, and Huffington Post / AOL. She’s flown worldwide for appearances and press trips, and was one of the 40
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Dave Mercer makes the first MLB “cast” (with rod and reel)

Professional angler and host of Facts of Fishing THE SHOW® Dave Mercer has made the Major League Baseball (MLB) history books. On September 21st at 7:00pm Dave became the first person in the history of the league to “cast” (with rod and reel) the opening pitch, kicking off the game between the Toronto Blue Jays® and Baltimore Orioles.

12 Angry Mascots profiles Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Fernando Perez in an exposé of Major League Baseball’s minimum wage earners. STARRING: Fernando Perez, Scott Rogowsky, Neil Janowitz, Hilary Siegel WRITTEN BY: Neil Janowitz and Scott Rogowsky SHOT and CUT by: Greg Stefano GRAPHICS by: Matt Mayer PRODUCED by: Hilary Siegel NEXT LIVE SHOW: Sunday, March 28th, 8pm @ Comix comedy club

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