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– Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Build It In Six Weeks?

On episode 39 Tony Wong challenged the ThisWeekIn Web Design team to get to the business of building the minimum viable product of ThisWeekIn’s new website in under six weeks. With the help of designer Aure Gimon and programmer Jacob Pittassi, Jose and Tony will lay the groundwork for this challenging sprint, live for the viewer. This isn’t an episode, this is the team planning for a product with the intention of going live in less than two months. When ThisWeekIn Web Design says “watch us work”, we mean it!

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– Web Design – Live Website Redesign: Wireframing Techniques

Watch Jose & Aure work, as they demonstrate various wireframing techniques as they break down the ThisWeekIn website. 00:50 Introductions and the show tagline. Business, Technology, Marketing, and Design versus Watch Us Work 01:20 Welcome Sherryl Anderson, our first Executive Producer! 2:45 Announcing a new Groop Skool event 07:00 When woking on wireframes do you manipulate one concept and iterate, or do you start with multiple concepts and assemble elements from the various ideas? 07:48 Redesigning art Center College of Design’s site 09:00 Designing with “the Wedge” in mind 09:31 How do you integrate graphics direction while wireframing? 10:33 Do you begin with a set of templates when wireframing? 12:35 Have you considered using InDesign for web layouts? 14:25 Do you user-test wireframe sketches? 17:37 When do you bring in your clients for wireframe reviews? 19:28 The importance of insurance for designers 25:35 Aure demonstrates Illustrator for wireframing 27:00 Sketching out the ThisWeekIn ecosystem 29:00 Discovering the need for a viewer Assessment tool within the ThisWeekIn website 33:55 Brainstorming methods for assessing viewers needs 39:40 Jose references back to the Workbook to remind the client of the brand attributes 42:13 Creating user profiles that matter 46:44 Jose reinforces the strategy of always referencing the Workbook to guide planning with the client 49:45 Designing the show page 56:00 Looking at the wireframe from the perspective of our user profiles
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– Web Design – Live Website Redesign: The Workbook

Another week, another Sink or Swim! Jose and Aure start filling out the workbook for the Live Redesign series, and we take some viewer questions.
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Live Website Redesign: Breaking Down The Brief

Jose and Aure break down the process for building the Creative Brief by showing multiple examples of projects they’ve worked on in the past. We get another Sink or Swim session, and the Producer Program is announced.

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Nintendo News: (Rumor) 3DS Redesign in 2012?, Second Circle Pad, Kirby Returns To Dreamland

Nintendo 3DS Redesign in 2012? Rumor: Nintendo 3DS Second Circle Pad Accessory Kirby Returns To Dream Land (Wii) Trailer Xenoblade Chronicles is a UK Top 10 Selling Game —- Music: It’s a Mario’s World – Don’t Look My Way, Turn Around and Go Away! —- Facebook – Twitter – Website –

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