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Precincts of Light

Precincts of Light

Set against the background of the Measure Nine (anti-gay rights) crisis in Oregon in the early 1990s, a brother and sister, both newly out, try to recover the lost affections of their children. Their combined quests are explored from five points of view in a novel of continuously rich and poetic language. The voices of Joanne (poet and mother), Harold (minister and father), Appleton (retired law professor and grandfather), Eleanor (collectibles broker and grandmother), and Samuel (politician, father and secret member of the homophobic Oregon Protection Alliance) comprise a book that explores diversity, the possibilities of a potentially peaceable kingdom-the precincts of light. The characters move, each in his or her own faltering way, towa

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Women, Class And Education (Women and Social Class)

Making use of theory, reflection, narrativity and auto/biographical writing, Jane Thompson provides a comprehensive understanding of what learning really means, and what education can contribute to the struggles of working class women intent on changing the circumstances of their lives. Organized into three parts, in the first section, Thompson draws on autobiographical experience to root theoretical understanding in the authority of personal knowledge. In part two, she illustrates how theoretical analysis can inform arguments about women’s changing relationships to class, community, consciousness and education. In the final part, she provides detailed examples of educational work she has been involved in with working class women. Conta

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