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Pole Position 2012 Lets Play – #1 Getting Started

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This is a F1 2012 live stream where you guys will be able to join me on ps3 add me my psn is Mickey_MoTiOnZ. Please make sure you like and subscribe! Btw I use never use driving assists and the wheel i use is a logitech driving force gt. — TWITTER: FACEBOOK: For more formula one videos check out my channel where i review and give my thoughts and opinions, I also do hotlaps with commentaries by famous commentators or drivers showing you around the track. Please subscribe like and comment! And check out the links above! — F1 2012 Live Stream With The Subs #9 F1 2012 Live Stream With The Subs #9 F1 2012 Live Stream With The Subs #9
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Carmen Electra Peek-a-boo Portable Pole Dancing Kit Unboxing

Lauren helps me unbox the Carmen Electra Peek-A-Boo Pole Dancing Kit which will later be used to hold my 55 inch plasma TV so we needed to load test it first. The kit is actually pretty awesome with and despite having instructions that say the top mount needs to be anchored we had no problem playing with just a friction fit. So while I bought it not as a Stripper pole, but as a TV mount I think it would do a good job in either role. And the 0 I decided to blow on this was way cheaper than buying a chrome pipe and figuring out the fittings to make it work ceiling to floor.
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