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CCC Rugby Shorts with Pockets (Bk)

CCC Rugby Shorts with Pockets (Bk)

  • Made of sturdy cotton, shorts are soft and almost polished feeling to the touch for comfort
  • Reinforced sides and crotch area to help prevent tears while being tackled and lifted in lineouts. Deep reinforced pockets allow secure binding in scrums between locks and frontrow.
  • Minimal 2 inch inseam helps keep shorts from hindering running stride and catching on middle of thigh for bigger players
  • Cord draw string with elastic waist band helps keep it fitting snuggly and to your desired fit

#720099 Elastic waist with drawstring. Side seam pockets. 2 inch inseam. 100% cotton.

List Price: $ 15.83

Price: $ 15.83

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Apple’s Deep Pockets

Forbes insight on what Apple Inc’s 0 billion-dollar dividend means for investors, the company and the tech industry.

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