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NFL, Players Struggle Through Lockout Limbo

A day after a federal judge lifted the lockout, some players were allowed to work out at their teams facilities. (April 26)
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NFL on FOX analyst Troy Aikman joins Laura Okmin to talk Super Bowl XLV and more.
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Eusébio – 1966 FIFA World Cup Classic Players

Portugal unearth a phenomenon Eusebio made his debut for the national team of his adopted country in October 1961 against Luxembourg in a FIFA World Cup qualifier, but it was during qualifying for England 1966 that he really made his mark, scoring seven goals to fire Portugal to a first-ever progression to the FIFA World Cup finals. Although named European Footballer of the Year in 1965, it was at the international game’s showpiece event the following year that Eusebio became a truly global phenomenon – the sort the sport had seldom witnessed before. In their opening first phase match, Portugal saw off Hungary 3-1, before Eusebio then found his scoring touch with Portugal’s second goal in a 3-0 defeat of Bulgaria. Eusebio went one better in the final group game against Brazil, netting twice as Portugal eliminated the reigning world champions courtesy of a 3-1 victory. The Benfica star was not finished there and in the quarter-final against Korea DPR he etched his name in the FIFA World Cup history books. Trailing the Asian underdogs 3-0 after just 25 minutes, Portugal staged a remarkable comeback at Goodison Park courtesy of four goals from the shimmering “Black Panther”, eventually triumphing 5-3. The game earned Eusebio a place among the legends of international football and remains to this day one of the best-remembered matches in the history of the competition. Portugal’s run finally ended at the semi-final stage, succumbing 2-1 to hosts and eventual champions England
Video Rating: 5 / 5 The residents of Curitiba live in the best city in the world, and a lot of outsiders agree. Curitiba has 17 new parks, 90 miles of bike paths, trees everywhere, and traffic and garbage systems that officials from other cities come to study. Curitiba’s mayor for 12 years, Jaime Lerner, has a 92 percent approval rating.
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Nike Golf Tour Players talk about the new Nike One Golf Ball

Nike Golf Tour Players talk about the new Nike One Golf Ball

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Jaeger Sports Mental Training Seminar at MLB Urban Youth Academy With Baseball Players

Alan Jaeger, of Jaeger Sports, speaks to the baseball players at the MLB Urban Youth Academy about the mental side of baseball and life — topics include, being present, being process oriented versus result oriented, and the importance of mental practice. Mental practice, like any other form of practice, can dramatically improve mental skills: relaxation, focus, discipline, concentration, clarity, confidence, etc. Jaeger Sports is also dedicated to Arm Health, Strength, Velocity, Accuracy, Pitching, Endurance and Recovery Period.
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Soccer Players

Soccer Players Don’t Get Enough Respect.

Most Americans have a different attitude toward the sport of soccer than people from around the rest of the world. One can start with the name of the sport itself. We call it soccer, while the rest of the world calls it football, but it really doesn’t end there.
Soccer players don’t get the same kind of respect here that they do in other countries, and I think that is very unfortunate. Some of the best athletes in the world are soccer players, and as the sport continues to grow in popularity in the United States, I hope that more Americans begin to realize how talented they are.

I was in England about 10 years ago and happened to see a prominent professional soccer player in London. The guy was practically mobbed, and it took more than an hour to make it into the restaurant where he was originally headed.
On another occasion when I was in England, a team called Bradford City defeated the perennial powerhouse Liverpool. The next day, the town actually had a parade for its soccer players, and they were treated like heroes as they rode on floats down the main street in the city.
There are, of course, the flip sides of those stories, where goalkeepers who give up the winning score have their lives threatened, or worse. There are also brawls that break out at soccer stadiums that always give a black eye to the sport, but I think that speaks more about the passion that fans have for soccer than anything else.

Soccer players are among the world’s finest athletes, and should receive that same kind of respect that other athletes receive.
I am not sure if people do not realize the amount of work that goes into the sport and why it is lagging in American popularity to the degree that it is, but it takes a lot of hard work and skill to play soccer. An athlete must not only have tremendous stamina and coordination, but also have excellent footwork, which takes years to develop.

Soccer was once referred to as ìthe beautiful game,î and it is certainly just that. Watching a good soccer match, to me, is like listening to a beautiful symphony; it is simply breath-taking, and something you feel fortunate to have witnessed.
I am not sure if soccer players will ever get the kind of respect they deserve in the United States. It seems sometimes like baseball, football, basketball and hockey have a stronghold in the country, and if any other sports do break into that realm, it is usually golf, tennis or NASCAR.
While there are many great athletes in distinctly American sports like baseball and football, I think it is important to remember that soccer players are playing the world’s game, and that really should count for something.

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NFL Football Players

NFL Football Players Are the Most Respected Athletes. I have worked as a sports writer for many, many years, and while all professional athletes are looked up to, I don’t think that any are as respected as NFL football players. I remember doing a feature on a young man a few months ago who was a tennis player. He was one of the top-ranked high school players in our area, and had been playing since the age of six. He had also received several scholarship offers in the sport.

I asked him to name his favorite athlete, and he said Peyton Manning. I was kind of taken aback, expecting to hear the name of a tennis player. I guess he could tell that I was not expecting his answer, and he said I had probably expected him to say Pete Sampras or Roger Federer. I told him that one of those guys would have made a lot more sense to me, and he told me that when he’s not playing tennis, he’s watching football.

A few weeks later, I was interviewing a golfer who had just been offered a full scholarship as well, and when I asked her which athlete she most admired, she said it was Tony Romo. I really was not expecting to hear a football player from her, but she said that Romo is also a great golfer, and she thought that he was cute, too.

I started wondering why so many people were selecting NFL football players as their favorite athletes and I figured that it had to be the popularity of the sport. The fact of the matter is that, while baseball is considered the national pastime, and basketball is the sport with the most participation in the United Stated, football is far and away the most popular.

I even find myself holding NFL football players in higher esteem than other athletes. While I will always talk about the great Brooks Robinson in baseball or Brett Hull in hockey, I have a Bob Lily-autographed football as the centerpiece on my living room coffee table, and a Dick Butkus-autographed football on a mantel in my office.
The NFL holds a special place in the hearts of most American sports fans, and NFL football players are revered as some of the greatest athletes in the world. As a sports enthusiast myself, I look forward to the start of every season, but there is just something extra special about the start of football season.
NFL football players have always been the most respected athletes in the country and likely always will be, and when you look at what they put their bodies through and the joy they bring to millions of fans, I think that it is deservedly so.

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