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Roma, Sharon Stone recita in Piazza del Popolo

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Street mimes in Piazza Signoria, Florence Italy

Florence, like most major cities, abound with street performers. In the Piazza Signoria the mimes raise their art form to a high level. While attending two weeks of Italian language school (La Scuola Tuscana) I would sit in the Piazza and do my homework. I became friends with Luigi Benassai, the mime you will see. (Italian with English subtitles).
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Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Parade in Rome – Piazza di Spagna (part 3)

Here are several videos recorded recently at a presentation in Rome, Italy for the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. We get to see 7 Aventadors lined up together, one in white and another in the model’s identifying orange livery, alongside several other classic Lamborghinis. The Aventador moves around a little but mostly revs its supple V12 engine in the drizzle of a April day in Rome.
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Tim and Jen get engaged when he proposes at Piazza Novona, Rome, Italy 2009

Timothy Wagner & Jennifer Morgan engagement at the incredible Piazza Novona in Rome, Italy. Sept 25th, 2009. Here is how it all went down: 1. Left Dallas, TX on Thursday on the way to NY, then Rome. 2. With the ring in my pocket (wallet in side small jewelry bag), the xray/security guard at Laguardia Airport in NY actually winked at me when he scanned my wallet. He knew what I was up to. : ) 3. Land it Rome at Leonardo Di Vinci Airport finally on Friday morning. 4. Transferred by our private driver to the hotel to get ready for the Vatican tour. 5. After the Vatican tour, we got picked up again with a private driver and tour guide for 4 hours. I had arranged this in order to help me set everything up at the Piazza Novona. 6. The Benz finally pulls up at the Piazza Novona – Stephano (our driver) and his wife Tina (our guide) walked us through the Piazza. 7. Tina “suggested” we have our caracatures drawn by a “random” local artist. The rest of the story you can see for yourself in the video…enjoy! HUGE Special thanks to: – Garry & Joan Wagner – David Morgan – Brittany Morgan – Guido D’Ugo of (Ciao Italy Tours helped me set ALL this up and it would not have heppened without Guido coordinating with his contacts in Rome!!! Guido, the next time we are in NY, we are taking you out for dinner buddy!) – Stephano & Tina – The gang at Rocket Red in Dallas (Gayden Day, Krista Sweetser & Patty Vacarro were the creative genuises who helped me develop the

Artviva Festival First Week Highlights. Have a look at some highlights from the first Artviva Festival Evenings week. The evenings are a social experiment and a new concept in tourism where we explore having travellers from all parts meet the locals in Florence italy. Guests also get lots of freebies when they sign up for our tours. Meet really interesting people in a once in a life time opportunity, like Prince Duccio Corsini and Count Niccolo Capponi, not to mention writer Lisa Clifford and artists Robert Bodem and Leo Mancini- Hresko. See the web site for more information. The Festival Salon is at Via Sassetti 1 Florence, Italy contact for more information

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