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A Photo Tour of San Diego (Photo Tour Books)

A Photo Tour of San Diego (Photo Tour Books)

A beautiful souvenir book of America’s Finest City. Large-format color pictures are accompanied with historic quotes and information.

List Price: $ 22.95

Price: $ 9.95

San Diego Legends: Events, People, and Places That Made History

This book brings together for the first time the many extraordinary accounts of famous and infamous people, places, and events in San Diego’s past. From Father Junípero Serra and Pedro Fages, to modern stars of stage and screen, you’ll meet the pioneers, plunderers and performers who once called this city home. Many people and events have “made headlines” in the San Diego papers—from the rise and fall of C. Arnholt Smith to the Heaven’s Gate suicides—and this book reveals the stories behind the news stories. There are fascinating historic tidbits, including a “nudist invasion” that wreaked havoc at the 1935 California-Pacific Exposition, the 1852 murder of the city’s first mayor, and a dramatic shootout at Campo’s Gaskill Sto

List Price: $ 16.95

Price: $ 11.52

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Monica Bellucci pictures clip photo film malena matrix

By: – The most beautiful pictures of the Italian actress Monica Bellucci. She is famous in Hollywood and have starred in Matrix, N-Napoleon..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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A Photo Tour of San Francisco and Northern California (Photo Tour Books)

A Photo Tour of San Francisco and Northern California (Photo Tour Books)

A beautiful souvenir book with over 60 large-format, full-color photos.

List Price: $ 22.95

Price: $ 22.95

The Beat Generation in San Francisco: A Literary Tour

A blow-by-blow unearthing of the places where the Beat writers first came to full bloom: the flat where Ginsberg wrote “Howl;” Gary Snyder’s zen cottage in Berkeley; the ghostly railroad yards where Kerouac and -Cassady toiled; the pads where Jack & Neal & Carolyn lived; Ferlinghetti’s favorite haunts. This meticulous guide also brings to light never-before-heard stories about Corso, Bob Kaufman, DiPrima, Kyger, Lamantia and other West Coast Beats. A entertaining read as well as a practical walking (and driving) tour that covers the entire Bay Area. With an introduction by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.Bill Morgan is a painter and archival consultant working in New York City. He is the author of The Beat Generation in New York: A Walking Tour o

List Price: $ 17.95

Price: $ 11.13

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U2 360 Tour Photo Book

U2 360 Tour Photo Book

The U2 360° Tour launched in support of the group’s 2009 album No Line on the Horizon, the tour visiting stadiums from 2009 through 2011. The U2 360° Tour is named after the 360-degree staging and audience configuration it uses for shows, which U2 claims is “the first time a band has toured in stadiums with such a unique and original structure.” To accommodate this, the stage set makes use of a massive four-legged supporting rig that has been nicknamed “The Claw” and has set a world record for the largest concert stage structure. Mark Peterson captures the band as the immersive experience begins. Over 100 images within the 42 page book are from the tour. This book takes you back to the show unlike any other U2 media book. The photograph

List Price: $ 70.00

Price: $ 70.00

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Windows 7 Photo App Demo
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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