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A Life Less Ordinary

A Life Less Ordinary

Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor are star-crossed lovebirds on the lam in this twisted romantic comedy from the creators of “Trainspotting.” Celine (Diaz) is a spoiled, rich young woman whose worst nightmare is having her credit card rejected. Robert (McGregor) is a hapless janitor whose greatest dream is to write the Great American Trash Novel. They have nothing in common – except the burning desire to live “a life less ordinary.” When Celine is kidnapped by the inept Robert, a pair of celestial cops are dispatched to earth to make sure they live that “life less ordinary” together. Co-starring Oscar® -winner Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo.A Life Less Ordinary is a surprising disappointment, considering it is the third film from director

List Price: $ 9.98

Price: $ 3.97

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My Friend Michael: An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man

My Friend Michael: An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man

Everyone knows Michael Jackson—the myth. This is the revealing true story of Michael Jackson—the man. To Frank Cascio, Michael Jackson was many things—second father, big brother, boss, mentor, and teacher, but most of all he was a friend. Though Cascio was just a few years old when he first met Jackson in 1984, at the peak of the pop star’s career, Jackson was at the center of his life for the next twenty-five years, allowing Cascio to observe firsthand the greatest entertainer the world had ever seen. In that time, he became the ultimate Michael Jackson insider, yet remained publicly silent about his experiences. Until now. In My Friend Michael, Cascio refutes the rumors, lies, and accusations that have accumulated over the ye

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Price: $ 15.31

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Princeton invention delivers 3D sound from ordinary laptop speakers

Edgar Choueiri, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University, has developed a way to play true three-dimensional sound recordings over regular loudspeakers, such as those found in televisions and computer laptops. The technique may one day be used to allow 3D televisions to produce lifelike sound and to help people with certain types of hearing impairments locate noises. Segments of the video above incorporate Choueri’s 3D filter to demonstrate the phenomenon. The filter is designed to work with loudspeakers – not headphones – and can be experienced through standard computer speakers. (Make sure the right and left speakers are on the correct sides.) Video by Michael E. Wood.
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