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Michelle Obama’s Singing Diplomacy and Madonna’s Super Bowl Nerves

Plus, why Kristen Bell’s birthday meltdown has gone viral and why Simon Cowell is cleaning house on The X-Factor. For these stories and more, go to http://ww…
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Wik on President Obama’s Speech – sul presidente USA

Gnuswik n°13, Dr Wik speaks on Obama’s speech, 2012. EN: my opinions to President Barack Obama’s historic speech on the end of combat mission in Iraq war (better from Vik’s speeche) about announcement press 31th August on troop withdrawal from Iraq. IT – Ultime notizie di politica news wik del 31 Agosto: Barack Obama annuncia la fine del conflitto armato in Iraq. Dopo 7 anni di guerra inizia quindi il ritiro delle truppe, sembra che la politica americana stia cambiando iter. Sembra… Segui il Gnuswik del Dr. Wik! Sono molto contento che il presidente americano sia obama: si possono fare tanti discorsi ma è difficile cambiare il mondo anche dalla sua posizione: l’ho sempre sostenuto anche prima della sua prima elezione come attesta la lettera che scrissi tre anni fa, prima dell’insediamento nella White House: Il Presidente USA aveva già annunciato una nuova strategia per il Medio Oriente per una transizione responsabile. Tuttavia la recente sostituzione dei soldati coi contractors mi ha fatto venire seri dubbi sul reale potere politicio di Barack sulle politiche del mondo. Read the News-Vik. Le migliori notizie di attualità sul Web. EN: President announces end of war in IRAQ – others announces end of armed conflict in Iraq, after seven years of war he speaks will then begin the withdrawal of troops; latest political breaking-news. Related: – discorso che annuncia la fine della guerra in irak, or irac. Annuncio dall’Iraq war troop withdrawal |. Other
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Some NASCAR Drivers say NO Thank You to obama’s invite

it is time to let the parasites know how we feel……..
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TamCam: Sharon Stone on Dinner with the Obamas

She did not ask the new President to do anything for her cause, AIDS, she asked what she can do for them. She won’t run for office, but thinks citizenship is tops.

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Obama’s WAR; GM and Chrysler cut 50000 jobs and beg for $22 billion; California near Collapse

President Barack Obama signed an order to send 17000 more US troops in Afghanistan -8000 Marines, 9000 Army troops -currently have 34000 US troops -history is repeating itself.think Bush GOP tries to restore image of fiscal discipline -voted against Stimulus bill General Motors and Chrysler LLC has requested an additional nearly billion in US government aid. -received .4 billion from the US Treasury -GM said is cutting 47000 jobs this year -cutting five additional US plants by 2012 -Chrysler, meanwhile, will reduce capacity by 100000 units and cut 3000 jobs SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) accused Robert Allen Stanford, the chief of the Stanford Financial Group, of conducting “a massive ongoing fraud” – accused of orchestrating an billion fraudulent investment program -this is why nobody trusts anybody? Dow drops nearly 300 points -near a 10 year low. Speculation Alabama to get 52000 jobs through stimulus according to White House data California, Almost Broke, Nears Brink -20000 jobs cut, no more money -CA is out of magic tricks Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is running for Governor -she opposes raising taxes to balance California’s budget and would set a goal of creating 2 million new jobs by 2015 -shes a Republican (so we know that honor her word.) Rodriguez provides additional details of steroid use -admits to three

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