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@KylieMinogue | ‘GET OUTTA MY WAY’ | Camillo Lauricella & Nika Kljun • • • Song: ‘Get Outta My Way’ (by …

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It’s time to DANCE again in the dance industry! :) Being versatile is the key. Do what feels at this moment the best for you, that’s what matters! :)) JUST ENJOY and LET IT GO! ************** I’m teaching every Friday at IDA, Hollywood & subbing at Millennium dance complex. ************** THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT FOR MANY YEARS! My dancers – couldn’t be more proud of every single one of you! Thru many years we created a beautiful history, beautiful memories and beautiful love between us. Watching you growing as a people, dancers, choreographers is making my heart beat faster! Love 4ever!!!***

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