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Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

First off let’s compare the pricing. The Lumia 900 is available from AT&T for with a new contract, or from Walmart, or .01 from Amazon. The Galaxy Nexus is much more expensive at 9.99 from Verizon with a new 2 year contract, though it can also be found from Amazon for . Next, let’s talk about LTE speeds and battery life. I’ve found the AT&T LTE network to be a bit slower than Verizon’s LTE network, however AT&T seems to be more stable. I’ve seen the Galaxy Nexus lose its connection and never get it back numerous times. For battery life, the Galaxy Nexus is pretty good as long as you keep an eye on the apps. I left Facebook running a couple times and that killed the battery in 4 hours, but if I keep things managed it can last around 16 hours. The Lumia 900 on the other hand, has consistently gotten me at least 24 hours of battery life in my normal usage scenarios. Granted you can get an extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus where as you’re stuck with the Lumia 900’s battery since it’s non-removable. One reason for the weaker battery life on the Galaxy Nexus is its high resolution 720p screen. With 1280 x 720 pixels at a 316 pixels per inch, the Galaxy Nexus has a lot more pixel pushing to do. That’s going to take up more battery life, but it’s also going to slow things down. The Lumia 900 with its 480 x 800 pixel screen is a bit faster at moving through web pages and rendering HTML5 animations. That’s with a single core 1.4 Ghz processor too, versus the
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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Rumors, Android Market Reaches 10 Billion Downloads & More – Android Revolution

Pocketnow on Google Currents Android Market Offering Big Savings with .10 Apps HTC Rezound Review: The Nexus Family: Nexus One, Nexus S, and Galaxy Nexus (Video) How to Unlock and Root Your Galaxy Nexus How to Install Google Wallet on the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus Sony Ericsson Details Steps Needed to Bring ICS to Phones Watch this week’s Android Revolution as we go through what’s hot and what’s not inside the world of Google’s Android project. In today’s show we start by talking about all the deals that Google is offering in the Android Market as part of their celebration for reaching 10 Billion downloads. We later go through the smartphone releases of the week, which include details on the LG Nitro HD and the T-Mobile launch of the White Samsung Galaxy S II. Going through all the leaks of the week we found more details on the Motorola Droid 4, the Sony Ericsson LT28at, the HTC Merge and more. This week’s coverage includes our full review of the HTC Rezound with Beats Audio. We then go through Joe Levi’s coverage of all the difference between the Google Nexus One, The Nexus S and the current Samsung Galaxy Nexus and other great articles and videos. We talk about all the recent software updates that are hitting devices, and we end the Hot section by talking about Google Currents and how to subscribe to our Pocketnow current. As for What’s Not Hot, we talk about the Verizon variant of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and why it’s

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Unboxing – SAMJPULLEN

Here is the HIGHLY requested Samsung Galaxy Nexus Check out my site! Follow Me Facebook Me G+ Me

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Unboxing

Will Verizon get this phone for 9? The ultimate Android phone has arrived at PhoneDog. Aaron unboxes the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the newest Google Experience device and the first smartphone to run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It packs a nice list of specifications, including a 1.2 GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor, 4.65-inch true HD 720p display with PenTile technology, 5-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing shooter, a 1750 mAh battery, and HSPA+ connectivity on AT&T and T-Mobile (this is the unlocked, unbranded UK version). It’s available now at some online retailers for a pricey 9.99. Is the Galaxy Nexus really all it’s cracked up to be? Facebook: Twitter: Win Free Phones:

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Google Nexus Prime Leaks; Samsung Android Event On Sept 1st And More – Android Revolution

More Android News Here: Watch this week’s Android Revolution as we go through what’s hot and what’s not in the world of Google’s Android project. This week we discuss the recent teaser of a Samsung event in Berlin on September 1st and we also breeze through all the leaks of the week, which by the way include information on the Google Nexus Prime and how it may bring a 720p resolution screen to the market. We go through all the all the Andriod Smartphone releases for the week and all the software updates you definitely must look out for. In the Dark Side we go through the HTC Evo 3D getting its bootloader unlocked and even the weird news of the famous CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik getting hired by Samsung. As for what’s not hot this week, we go through a counterfeit version of Plants Vs. Zombies being sold in the Android Market and the sad news that we still don’t have a real retail image of the HTC Vigor. Website: Twitter Facebook:

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