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Huge Numbers Of Tripoli Population Unit for Friday Prayers & Protest Against NATO Bombing In Libya

The slaughter in Sirte Crisis Libya: Rebels Create Humanitarian Disaster, Then Blame it on Qaddafi As Promised: Jamahiriya Exerts Control Over Tripoli, Routing CIA, NATO, ‘Rats’ — Qaddafi full Speech translation 06 October 2011 “4 tribes of Bani Walled, Surt, Warshfana tribe and Nawhi are well armed and they will never be defeated because honorable people can not be subjected. All the people in LIBYA and true Libyans will not agree with the invasions and colonization. We will fight for our freedom and we are ready for more sacrifices. The traitors, colonizers and as well as NATO are going to be defeated soon. They all lost the confidence between each other and their masters, the traitors are unable to continue because they are basically vulnerable. If the power of their fleets give legitimacy, then let the rulers in the Third World be ready. To those who recognize this council, be ready for the creation of transitional councils imposed by the power of fleets to replace you one by one from now on. I urge all Libyan people to go out and march in their millions in all the squares, in all the cities and villages and oases. Go peacefully … be courageous, rise up, go to the streets, raise our green flags to the skies. How did it (NTC) get its legitimacy? Did the Libyan people elect them? Did the Libyan people appoint them? If you did not
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Hundreds arrested in Tripoli, Black Peoples case Critical 09.09.11, NATO Crimes In Libya

BREAKING NEWS Directly from Libya by witnesses US Congressman Witnessed European Special Forces Beheading Libyans Attention! RATS WILL TRY TO PLAY THE SAME DIRTY GAME! Today, the rats of the media will be lying about the taking of the city Bani-Walid, and about deaths of Muammar Gaddafi, his son Saif al Islam and Musa Ibrahim. To do this, they made a photomontage. “Al-Jazeera”, which has already started to lie about the fighting in the streets of Bani-Walid, is ready to release the pre-assembled for the occasion and premade in the cities of eastern Libya videos of jubilant militants allegedly seized Bani Walid. Do not believe this news, they aim to hide the armed resistance to the invaders of Libya, to hide the failure of NATO and the rebels to seize and hold the city. The main thing is they are trying to lower the morale and resistance, do not listen to the news. Kill the invaders! Please read news and spread it like a comments under every video about Libya and every channel. Spread the news over the net. We must brake Information blockade. HELP PEOPLE OF LIBYA http – youtube channel of our frind Moussa
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CNN NATO Bombing Hospital, Food Storage In Zletin Killing 11 Civilians, 25.07.11 War On Libya

From 17.06 – 19.07.11, 5 Million Libyans Demonstrated so Far Against NATO and its Rebels attacks, Killing Thousands of Libyan Men, Women & Children, and Still Intent on Breaking Their Free Spirit and Stealing Their Wealth. The Libyan People Are the Only Legitimate People to Decide Who Represents Them and to Determine Their aOwn Future..

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