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Robbie Williams – Me And My Monkey

“Me And My Monkey” There was me and my monkey And with his dungarees and roller blades smoking filter tips Reclining in the passenger seat of my super-charged jet black Chevrolet He had the soft-top down (he liked the wind in his face) He said ‘Son, you ever been to Vegas?’ I said ‘no’ He said ‘that’s where we’re gonna go – you need a change of pace’ And we hit the strip with all the wedding chapels and the neon signs He said ‘I left my wallet in El Segondo’ and proceeded to take two grand of mine We made tracks to The Mandalay Bay Hotel Asked the bell boy if he’d take me and my monkey as well? He looked in the passenger seat of my car and with a smile he said ‘If your monkey’s got that kind of money sir, then we’ve got a monkey bed!’ Me and my monkey With a dream and a gun I’m hoping my monkey don’t point that gun at anyone Me and my monkey Like Butch and the Sundance Kid Trying to understand why he did what he did Why he did what he did We got the elevator, I hit the 33rd floor We had a room up top with the panoramic views like nothing you’d ever seen before He went to sleep in the bidet and when he awoke He ran his little monkey fingers through yellow pages Called up some escort services and ordered some okey doke Forty minutes later there came a knock at the door In walked this big bad ass baboon into my bedroom with three monkey whores ‘Hi! My name is Sunshine – these are my girls Lace my palm with silver baby and oh yeah, they’ll rock your world’ So I watched pay

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Doritos Funniest Superbowl Commercial – Flying Monkey – 2012

Nerd catapults flying monkey in a wing suit with a giant slingshot to steal Doritos from a hot chick. By The Meatball Brothers. Starring Steven Parker, Tammy Felice, and Crystal the monkey. Written and directed by John Brennick and Scott Baxter. Camera by Danny Ursitti. Animal Trainer: Tom Gunderson.

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i3DG – excerpt from Chicken & Monkey Find Friends Everywhere by John Fanning

More info: Palm Top Theater exhibition will continue on until February 13. Open daily from 13:00 to 19:00 (closed on Mondays). The International Film Festival Rotterdam has brought cinema to the large screen. We think that the intimacy of small mobile screens are giving new impulses to the cinematic experience. V2_ will present a series of films and animations small enough to watch in the palm of your hand.
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