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Remember That?: A Year-by-Year Chronicle of Fun Facts, Headlines, & Your Memories Reviews

Remember That?: A Year-by-Year Chronicle of Fun Facts, Headlines, & Your Memories

A Blast From the PastTake a trip down memory lane with this interactive trivia book of headlines, fads, sports, music and more from 1930 to 2010. Inside, you’ll find year-by-year snapshots of the events and trends that shaped our lives. Family milestone fill-in pages for each year help you capture your memories of the things you loved and the events that touched your life.Involve the entire family for hours of interesting conversation. What was Grandpa’s first job? Who was Mom’s first crush? Relive the fun (or mishaps) of family vacations. Dust off your old music collection and replay the soundtrack of your youth. Pull out your photo album and marvel at the clothes you wore and the hairstyles you rocked.Travel back in time and relive some o

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Price: $ 0.68

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Simon Cowell calls Paula Abdul a dog! Series 3 American Idol memories

Now that the title has your attention… here we have one of the lighter moments of American idol, that was produced after series 3 in a programme called “Be…

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All Cooked Up: Recipes and Memories from Elvis’ Friends and Family

All Cooked Up: Recipes and Memories from Elvis’ Friends and Family

Elvis fans can eat like the King with this collection of more than 300 recipes from his family and friends. All of Elvis’ favorites, from the famous Friend Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich to southern classics like cornbread and collard greens. Over 100 black-and-white and color photographs offer an intimate look at the King relaxing with his family, taking breaks from performing, and—of course—eating. Personal accounts from Elvis’ cousins, close friends and his personal cook of more than 25 years detail the intimate side of Elvis and his everyday life, and fun facts and trivia offer even more insight and nostalgia.

Just a few of the delicious recipes in this culinary tribute to the King:

• Sweetheart Sweet Potato Su

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Elvis Presley – Memories

The King sings Memories live on his TV Comback Special in 1968
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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NASCAR SPRINT CUP SERIES 2011 : Thanks For The Memories [ Part 7 of 8 ]

Thanks NASCAR 2011 For the memories. Please rate , comment and subscribe if you havent already :) The clips in the video are owned by : ——————————————— KA128183 Co-Tech at AVFSP : (C) 2011 A VID FROM SCRATCH PRODUCTIONS

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Making Memories Slice Design Card, Travel USA

Making Memories Slice Design Card, Travel USA

  • For use with either the Slice or Slice Elite Cordless Design Cutters
  • Cuts most shapes on card 1″ to 4″ in 1/2″ increments
  • Design Card measures 1 by 1 1/4 inches

Features American travel themed letters, numbers, shapes and words

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 22.41

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Brooke Shields shares personal memories of MJ

Brooke Shields shares personal memories of Michael Jackson at memorial‎

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Holidays in Italy – 10 Tips for Great Memories

Holidays in Italy – 10 Tips for Great Memories

Italy offers fabulous art and architecture in awe-inspiring cities and fascinating little towns, a glorious variety of countryside and coastline, and some of the finest food and wine served anywhere. You can meet friendly, civilised people and you can easily spend your entire annual clothing budget on designer clothes at bargain prices. All that and Puccini opera under the stars. Holiday bliss!”

Here are 10 excellent reasons to consider a holiday in Italy:

Beaches: You’ll find well-maintained sandy beaches at traditional resorts on the Adriatic coast and in Tuscany. Sardinia is also a sea-lover’s paradise with some top-flight hotels. For quieter beaches, consider Sicily or Puglia.

Nightlife: Clubbing hotspots include Rome and lively university centres such as Milan. Rimini is among resorts with a party atmosphere. Something more restrained? There’s opera everywhere, including Verdi festivals in Verona and Puccini in Torre del Lago, Tuscany.

Food: Try the delicious regional cuisine. Hearty game and other rustic specialities are enjoyed in the north, while the south is best-known for its seafood and vegetable dishes. Bologna is known as the country’s gastronomic capital.

Wine: Italy cultivates more grape varieties than anyone else and almost every region produces memorable wines. Reds include Tuscany’s popular Chianti and Piedmont’s robust Barolo, while Verdicchio and Gavi are among distinctive whites.

Art: The land of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci reputedly has 60% of the world’s most important works of art – and half of these are in Florence. Galleries in every main city display stunning Renaissance works and many, such as the Guggenheim in Venice, have eminent modern collections.

Cities: Places like Rome and Florence offer a wealth of art and history and the big-city attractions of excellent restaurants, entertainment and shopping. Venice is a must for romantics – and check out smaller cities such as Lucca in Tuscany, or Orvieto in Umbria.

Nature: Enjoy the fabulous scenery and wildlife of the national parks, such as those in Abruzzo and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Sicily has two parks and Mount Etna to explore. If you’re mountain-minded, try inland Sardinia or head north into the Alps.

History: There’s no escaping Italy’s rich heritage. Rome launched an empire, Venice was one of the world’s great commercial and maritime centres, and virtually everyone – from the Greeks and Byzantines to the Normans – left their mark on Sicily.

Shopping: Fashionistas head for Milan, but most cities have stores selling the latest from Prada, Armani and Versace. Bargains can be found in designer outlets, particularly in Tuscany, and at street markets around the country.

Touring: Popular routes take in the medieval hill-towns of Tuscany or Umbria, and the lesser-known rural delights of Puglia, the ‘heel’ of Italy.

A holiday in Italy can be considered at any time of the year, and with continuous availability of bargain flights to Italy, there has never been a better time to explore this great county.

Jimi St. Pierre, working with travel correspondent Penny Church, writes for the holiday destination and flight finder Travelwhere. With Travelwhere, you can find cheap flights to Italy along with a wealth of additional information – including the holiday brochures of specialist tour operators to Italy.

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Bon Jovi Songs and Memories of a Bon Jovi Concert

Bon Jovi Songs and Memories of a Bon Jovi Concert

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Whenever I hear any Bon Jovi songs I am reminded of the time that I went to a Bon Jovi concert on Saturday 6th July 1996. The concert at the Milton Keynes Superbowl was towards the end of the mammoth These Days tour that started on 26th April 1995 at the Andheri Stadium Bombay, India and ended on 19th July 1996 at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.


It took my boyfriend and myself over 3 hours to drive to Milton Keynes and we had to queue for 4 hours until 2pm to get into the Superbowl. It was one of those quirky English weather days, one minute the very hot sun was beating down on us and the next there was torrential freezing cold rain.


When we got into the arena we were able to get a spot at the front of the stage but as more fans arrived and blocked us in I became claustrophobic and worried that I wouldn’t be able to escape to the loo during the next 8 hours. I left Mark hugging the front of the stage and escaped to sit on a hillock where I got a pretty good view of the proceedings as the support bands Seven, Gun and Joan Osborne performed.


The most memorable being Joan Osbornes performance, she was great but the weather was still being quirky and it became pretty uncomfortable sitting on grass while soaked to the skin. I wandered round for a few hours and became more uncomfortable as a bloke took a fancy to me and started to harass me despite being told that I was with my boyfriend.


Seeing my discomfort a group of Bon Jovi fans told the bloke to leave me alone and asked me to join them. That was lucky for me in 2 ways, one that it got rid of my stalker and the other in that we were in a marvellous position to watch the show, close to the stage but to the right – away from the main crush of fans.


It was just before 7.00pm and I was feeling tired, very wet and shivering from the cold. I couldn’t have been wetter if I had stood in a pool fully clothed. As I tried to warm my by now numb blue hands I was miserably wishing that I hadn’t agreed to go to the concert.


A few minutes later a helicopter arrived and shortly afterwards I could see the band climbing up the steps to the stage. I did a double take at seeing Jon, he was dressed in a tight tan leather jumpsuit which gave the impression of him being naked from a distance.


The band started up and for 2 hours my discomfort was forgotten as Bon Jovi launched into a string of their hits including Always, It’s My Life, You Give Love A Bad Name, Someday I’ll Be A Saturday Night and my long time favourite Living On A Prayer.


Imagine a sea of over 60,000 fans joining in with the choruses, swaying, waving and punching the air together. It was a spectacular sight on and off stage as Bon Jovi rocked the Superbowl. I was enthralled with the bands performance and stirred by the music and the interaction from the crowd.


I felt disappointed when a fireworks display ended the magnificent performance 2 hours on, but afterwards Bon Jovi reappeared for an air punching encore to round off the show. I was still very wet and cold but warmed by a magnificent performance from the entire band. I absolutely recommend seeing Bon Jovi in concert and despite my discomfort I would go through it all over again – it was worth it.


I’ve been watching videos from the 2008 Lost Highway tour and think that Jon Bon Jovi has still got what it takes. Bon Jovi are a great band and 12 years on I am still a big fan of Bon Jovi songs and hope that I get a chance to see them in concert again, but perhaps an indoor concert!


P.S. As for my boyfriend I dumped him after the show. I don’t rate a guy that lets a woman he is supposed to care about wander off on their own for hours in a strange place and in a 60,000 plus crowd. He cared more about getting a place close to the stage than my safety. I probably ended up with a better view than he did and I was able to go to the loo when I wanted!


The author Patricia Jones writes for several websites including BB

Articles Directory
and Mega Music Site where you can find information about new and established musicians.

Music video by Bon Jovi performing Livin’ On A Prayer. Watch this video with lyrics at (C) 1986 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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