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Titanic 3D Lenticular & Memorabilia 100th Year Anniversary Edition [DVD]

Titanic 3D Lenticular & Memorabilia 100th Year Anniversary Edition [DVD]

Everyone thought the RMS Titanic was the safest ship in the world: a leading shipbuilding journal proclaimed it ‘unsinkable’ because of its watertight compartment design. On its first trip from England to New York City, it collided with an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic. The much-publicized ‘unsinkable’ watertight compartment design was never designed to cope with such extensive damage, and the ship starts to go down. Even worse, more than half the 2200+ passengers & crew on board are already doomed, as the Titanic is only carrying lifeboats for about 1200. This is the frightening and untold story of the passengers & crew’s struggles to stay alive on the ill-fated liner s maiden voyage. Isabella Paradine (Catherine Zeta Jones)

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 14.99

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Paula Abdul 8″ X 10″ Virgin Records Publicity Photo (Music Memorabilia)

Paula Abdul 8″ X 10″ Virgin Records Publicity Photo (Music Memorabilia)

Great old Virgin Records publicity photo of singer/dancer/American Idol Judge Paula Abdul.


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NFL Memorabilia – Finding Official Goods Online

NFL Memorabilia – Finding Official Goods Online

Every NFL fan loves to own a piece of NFL memorabilia, whether this be an old match program through to a sign shirt or ball, but the NFL is a worldwide loved game and with it´s popularity comes the value of owning such NFL memorabilia – not just financial, but the emotional attachment also makes it a dream of every fan, and now a dream that is easily achievable.

As mentioned NFL memorabilia takes many forms, and although some is very rare to find others can be found through the internet. Many may use eBay to try and obtain a piece of the NFL memorabilia available – however this can often prove an expensive method.  An alternative is to find an online store that is dedicated to NFL gifts, apparel and memorabilia, for which I would like to introduce one to you.

Not only can you find NFL memorabilia here, but also an endless list of gifts and NFL goodies that will be loved by all fans of any NFL team, regardless of who you support this site holds the perfect present for you and your loved ones. The NFL has grown to have an enormous fan base since it was created back in 1962, and this is a fan base that has spread worldwide – therefore not all countries have easy access to a local NFL store.

This is where the internet serves a fantastic purpose, meaning fans from every corner of the globe can buy and own a piece of NFL memorabilia on different scales, depending on your love for the game – but a great place to start is with a dedicated NFL retail site such as QuarterbackFan, whether you are a Steelers fan, a Redskins fan, or a Bears fan – or anywhere in-between you can find gifts, treats and memorabilia on all NFL aspects, and just the NFL. There is no need to search through pages of unwanted items to find what you are looking for – it has all been done for you.

So it doesn´t mater if you are looking for a treat for yourself, a gift for a loved one, or some NFL apparel and memorabilia to treasure and to pass through the family – all NFL goods, gifts and extras can be found within one dedicated site,, and all goods are from a verified retailer to ensure they are official. So you can be sure of a satisfied and successful search for your NFL memorabilia with just one click. Visit them today and you won´t be disappointed. Happy shopping to all you NFL fans!

Mark Grey,

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