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Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks’ New Point Guard, Inspires Basketball Mania in Big Apple

The Harvard graduate is the first Chinese American to play in the NBA.
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Rugrats – Mommy Mania [VHS]

Rugrats – Mommy Mania [VHS]

An unusually moving, double-length episode begins things. “Mother’s Day” is the episode where Chuckie learns where his own mother went and why, in a very special sense, she’s still with him. In “Family Feud,” Tommy’s parents and Phil and Lil’s parents argue, and the kids set out to fix things. Also on this tape is “Mommy’s Little Assets.” –Tom Keogh

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Amateur Finals – Red Bull Manny Mania World Finals in New York City

Top amateur skaters came from all around the world to meet up under the Manhattan Bridge in the Big Apple for an exciting manual competition in which dutchman Sewa Kroetkov came out on top and will be going up against the likes of Joey Brezinski, Mike Mo, and Brandon Biebel – just to name a few. Skate over to

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