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Earth Song: Inside Michael Jackson’s Magnum Opus

Earth Song: Inside Michael Jackson’s Magnum Opus

FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED! Released in 1995, Michael Jackson s “Earth Song” was in many ways anachronistic. In both theme and sound, it was like nothing else on the radio. It defied the cynicism and apathy of Generation X. It challenged the aesthetic expectations for a pop song or even a protest song, fusing blues, opera, rock and gospel. It demanded conscience in an era of corporate greed, genocide and environmental indifference. A massive hit around the world (reaching #1 in over fifteen countries), it wasn t even offered as a single in the United States. Yet nearly eighteen years later, this six-and-a-half minute lamentation stands as one of Jackson s greatest artistic achievements. In this groundbreaking monograph, author Joseph Vogel

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 11.99

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Sharon Stone in Magnum PI, with Blade Runner end title music

This is the opening scene of Sharon Stone’s appearance in the US TV series “Magnum, PI”. This clip is taken from the episode 1 of Season 5; “Echoes of the Mind: Part 1” and was originally broadcast on 27th September 1984. Curiously, the music in this clip is a variation of the end titles of the film “Blade Runner”. Vangelis seems to be uncredited.

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