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Jon Bon Jovi ~ Lost Without You

Oh Jonny~ what you do to us!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Lost (Piano Vocal, Sheet music)

Lost (Piano Vocal, Sheet music)

Series: Piano Vocal

Artist: Michael Bublé

Sheet music.

List Price: $ 3.50

Price: $ 3.50

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Larry Gets Lost in New York City

Larry Gets Lost in New York City

The newest tale in the Larry Gets Lost series begins in a quintessentially NYC location: the backseat of a Yellow cab. Follow Larry as he ping-pongs around the city, hitting all five boroughs in a day, and the places and things that make New York City what it is: hot dogs, Times Square, Wall Street, Radio City Music Hall, Coney Island, Madison Square Garden, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Greenwich Village, and Central Park, among others. Along the way he loses Pete and his family in the city’s famous subway system. Finally after an exhausting day of adventures, Larry is reunited with his family at the top of the Empire State Building. They sail away on the Staten Island Ferry, waving goodbye to the Statue of Liberty. Filled with color

List Price: $ 16.95

Price: $ 10.30

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MTV’s VMA nominations and regular programming are unacceptable. Get the What’s New Pussy Cat T-shirt worn by Russell Brand, Rupert Grint and others here: Browse other clothing options here: Like Prince Peter Collection on Facebook (No, I am not getting paid for this. I just really like and want to promote these clothes because I think they are cool.)

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Michael Buble – Lost + Lyrics

love this song :) Comment + Rate? X) [No Copy Right infringment Intended]

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The Lost Rolling Stones Photographs: The Bob Bonis Archive, 1964-1966

The Lost Rolling Stones Photographs: The Bob Bonis Archive, 1964-1966

A revealing look at the earliest days of the legendary band, captured in a collection of personal, never-before-seen photographs—the largest single trove of such important rock images ever uncovered When they first came to America in June of 1964, The Rolling Stones had been together for only two years and were almost completely unknown to U.S. audiences. They often played on bills with a variety of other artists, not necessarily as the headlining act, and often received lukewarm receptions. Many of these earliest U.S. shows did not sell out. But in the years that Bob Bonis photographed them, The Stones went from unknowns to one of the most prominent bands in the world. Documented in these photos is this seminal period when The Sto

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 14.94

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Two blondes lost in Italy part 4 of 4

Two blondes lost in Italy
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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ABC’s LOST- An Epic Story

A plane crash. Survivors trapped on a mysterious, tropical island. Time travel, mysticism, and mysteries. Plotting, back stabbing and retribution. Such is the background of ABC’s LOST. The phenomenon of a television series hit airwaves in 2004, and has had a cult following ever since. Famous of for its lack of answers, the show lost a good deal of viewers after the initial two seasons, but maintains a devoted following to this day.

ABC’s LOST initially follows the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 after it crashes on an island shrouded in mystery. The group is struggling to survive as they encounter nightly disappearances, polar bears, and a strange monster made of black smoke. As time  goes on, they find a hatch buried into the ground, and find inside a man who was never on their flight. The man’s name is Desmond, and he is pushing a button every eight minutes in order to ìsave the world. Desmond abandons the hatch, leaving the survivors to continue the process.

The show takes a turn at this point in the series. The survivors find a man who claims his name is Henry Gale, but after a little bit of time, they discover that the man is instead Ben Linus, the leader of another group of island inhabitants known as The Others, and they are the ones who were taking people away from the group in the beginning. ABC’s LOST gets crazy when Linus escapes, and the survivors stop pushing the button, causing the hatch to implode in a burst of electromagnetic energy. In the meantime, key group members of the survivors are captured by the Others.

After weeks of beatings and near torture, the captured survivors find out that they are on an entirely separate island, and that these individuals are operating out of the old facilities of a group called The Dharma Initiative. No one is very clear on why the Others are there, but it is revealed that Ben was responsible for killing all of the former Dharma people, and that he feels he is tasked with ìprotecting the island, and is under the direction of a man named Jacob. ABC’s LOST becomes really exciting when a freighter appears off the coast, and the survivors believe they are saved. However, it is quickly revealed that the freighter is not there to save, but destroy them, as their leader is a former leader of the Others who is looking for vengeance.

Fortunately, the helicopter pilot of the freighter  is uneasy with the situation, and despite the freighter itself being blown up, is able to help six of the survivors get off of the Island. Several years after the fact, they still have not told anyone in the world about what actually happened after the plane crash, or that there are other survivors still on the island.  However, ABC’s LOST gets even crazier when another survivor comes back to the world named John Locke, and explains that if they don’t come back to the island, everyone they love there will be killed. Though it takes some coercion, and the death of the messenger, everyone eventually goes back.

During the time that they were gone, the rest of the survivors were enduring some crazy events. After they left, Ben and John had turned an archaic wheel in order to move the island and keep the other survivors safe. However, in the process, they had dislodged the island from time, and the inhabitants found themselves time traveling at a frequent rate, leading to some strange deaths. Locke is eventually able to stop the time traveling, but the island is at that point stuck in the 1970’s, so when the survivors that had left return, they too find themselves out of sync.

The story in ABC’s LOST becomes more and more convoluted, but the best thing you an do is watch it yourself. The story is even more complicated than it seems now, and is more than worth checking out.

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