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Jennifer Lopez — No Longer the Best A** on the Block!

Someone needs to delicately break the news to JLo that she is no longer has the best butt in town… in fact, there is a whole NEW CROP of AMAZING posteriors!
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Swing the Golf Club To Drive It Longer

Do you want to swing the golf club to hit longer tee shots? I bet you do. Tour golfers at the top of the PGA money list all have one thing in common; they can hit their tee shots a long way. When you swing the golf club correctly you can significantly increase your distance from the tee and in this video golf instruction lesson Lawrie Montague from www.GolfConfidence.Org will show you why the pro’s that play golf on tour hit the ball as far as they do and how you can do the same things to make your tee shots go further down the fairway every time. In this video golf instruction lesson you will learn about a little known body alignment that when mastered will dramatically improve how far you can hit your tee shots. This analysis is of Steve Allen, a fine PGA tour professional from Melbourne, Australia and part of the Bann-Lynch coaching stable hits the ball enormous distances (regularly over 300 yards) for someone of average build and weight. You will discover in this golf video instruction lesson that contrary to popular belief and opinion restricting your hip turn does not increase club head speed but it does make your timing erratic and unstable. Please enjoy the following video and feel free to comment on it if you like it.
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