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Historical Dictionary of African-American Television (Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts)

Historical Dictionary of African-American Television (Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts)

From Amos ‘n’ Andy to The Jeffersons to Family Matters to Chappelle’s Show, this volume covers it all with entries on all different genres—animation, documentaries, sitcoms, sports, talk shows, and variety shows—and performers such as Muhammad Ali, Louis Armstrong, Bill Cosby, and Oprah Winfrey. Additionally, information can be found on general issues, ranging from African American audiences and stereotypes through the related networks and organizations.

This book has hundreds of cross-referenced entries, from A to Z, in the dictionary and a list of acronyms with their corresponding definitions. The extensive chronology shows who did what and when and the introduction traces the often difficult circumstances African American

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A God Entranced Vision of All Things: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards

“Useful men are some of the greatest blessings of a people. To have many such is more for a people’s happiness than almost anything, unless it be God’s own gracious, spiritual presence amongst them; they are precious gifts of heaven.” Certainly one of the most useful men in evangelical history was the man who preached those words, pastor and theologian Jonathan Edwards. Commemorating his 300th birthday, general editors John Piper and Justin Taylor chose ten essays that highlight different aspects of Edwards’s life and legacy and show how his teachings are just as relevant today as they were three centuries ago. Even within the church, many people know little more about Edwards than what is printed in American history textbooks-most often, e

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Pastiche: Cultural Memory in Art, Film, Literature

Pastiche: Cultural Memory in Art, Film, Literature

Cultural Memory in Art, Film, LiteratureIngeborg HoestereyTraces the rise of the pastiche in the arts and popular culture.In the last two decades cultural theorists and artists have redefined a genre of artistic expression that for centuries was regarded as both elusive and notorious: the pastiche, or pasticcio. Today, highly engaging manifestations of the genre minor can be found in architecture, painting, and mixed media installations; in film, literature, and performance modes ranging from the operatic to rock event; and in supposedly trivial discourses such as advertising. Postmodern pastiche is about cultural memory as a history of seeing and writing. One of the markers that sets aesthetic postmodernism apart from modernism

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