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Penelope Cruz on Ellen – Can she Name Those Lips ?

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Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul Reunite For X Factor With a Kiss on the Lips!

PopSugarTV: Facebook: Twitter: Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul lock lips as they reunite for the X Factor. I’m Lauren, and this is your PopSugar Rush! It was a happy reunion for Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell as the two kick-started X Factor auditions in LA over the weekend. Paula was just confirmed as the show’s fourth judge, which means we’ll be seeing the return of Simon and Paula’s awkward flirtatious chemistry, and the two didn’t disappoint as they took a moment to kiss for the cameras. This isn’t the first time Simon and Paula have declared their love for each other with a peck on the lips. Back in season four of American Idol, Simon grabbed Paula for a smooch during auditions . . . Randy: “Oh, they’re kissing again.” But who can forget their over-the-top, open-mouth kiss way back in season 2? Simon: “It’s been killing me Paula.” Paula: “I love you cuddles.” Simon: “Kiss me?” OK, perhaps we’re better off trying to block that kiss from memory. Simon and Paula’s flirtation was a highlight of their time on American Idol, and there’s no doubt that The X Factor will play up their chemistry as well. Simon is surprisingly sweet about Paula in a recent press statement for the show, saying: “This show would never have been the same without Paula and I can’t believe I am saying this – I have missed her a lot, and I am thrilled she’s on the show.” While Paula pokes a little fun at her former AI judge: “I’m also delighted and grateful to be

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