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Legendary Locals of Greater Miami

Legendary Locals of Greater Miami

Guided by a visionary widow named Julia Tuttle, the city of Miami truly came into being in 1896 and has not stopped growing. Halfway through the last century, the apparent domination of land, population, and business by whites andfor decadesrepressed African Americans became tested and balanced by the victims of the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Beyond that, hundreds of thousands of others from Spanish-speaking lands came to create what truly is an international metropolis. The chapters of Miamis existence are delineated by those legendary locals who came earliest; those who were the pioneers; those who established businesses that endured; those who were the builders and visionaries; those who served in politics; those who came from other places;

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Like a Virgin – The legendary Britney and Madonna Kiss

VMA 2003 performance Madonna with Britney Spears, Christina Auguilera and Missy Elliott
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