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Time lapse painting portrait Britney Spears

Time lapse painting portrait Britney Spears by Igor Kazarin. Artist shows step by step how to draw portrait Britney Spears in the technique of drawing dry brush. Portrait of the famous singer was drawn within 5-6 hours, To show you my work, this video installed to Time lapse painting or speed painting. As usual, my picture I’m starting to draw with pencil drawing, then Portrait painted with oil paint, for this has been used about 5 colors of paint. As always, in my practice the most important task to draw a portrait of girls is very stylish and beautiful, and so in a portrait Britney Spears I’m a lot of attention paid to the make-up of singer. If you liked portrait, please Comment and Rate this dry brush painting
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U2 360° Tour – Time Lapse

Time lapse video of U2’s revolutionary stage “The Spaceship” being built, performed on, and taken down.
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Time Lapse: California City to Palmdale and Return

This was a quick time lapse video I put together of a run into town, to deposit money in the bank, and get gas. Then return home. The video was captured with the Zii Egg, Development Device, and then time lapsed with avidemux. (Using the capability to change the frame rate, then a filter to restore to a normal frame rate. Essentially speeding up the film, then cutting the unneeded ones to go back to a normal frame rate.) About 12x speed.
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A small batch of people braved the 105+ degree heat to go out to our favorite desert playground, California City. Nothing but open dirt roads for these subies to tear up! The guys even found a fun dirt kicker to hit up to their heart’s content. No cops ever… just endless possibilities. Video by Dusty Wall (Azewaldo). If you’re interested heading out with us to the next Dirty Meet in California City, please be sure to drop by today! We love our Subarus filthy… its just more fun that way. Runtime: 2:12 Produced by: Azewaldo Copyright 2009 DirtyImpreza Enterprises
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