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Max Keiser: Hit in The Eye like a Big Pizza Pie! It’s Austerity! 1/2

Alex also talks with broadcaster, film-maker, and former equities broker Max Keiser. Max is the host of the Keiser Report and formerly hosted The Oracle with Max Keiser on BBC World News. Alex also covers the latest news as the economy continues to slide into the abyss. He also takes your calls. (New section added to Tyler Durden After Berlusconi was scolded by everyone, but most importantly by backstop solvency provider ECB, for his bull in a China shop maneuver of the first, now defunct, Italian Austerity plan, here are the details from the next, soon to be gutted “Austerity”, which readers may be forgiven, if they take it with just a grain of salt. According to Bloomberg, the details are as follows: Plan to to include higher retirement age for women from 2014 To add 3% tax on income over 500k euros Italy to approve constitutional law for budget balance Sept To increase VAT from 20% to 21%. Will anyone take this latest attempt to appease the ECB seriously? Of course not. In the meantime, Italy, as predicted – remember Piazza Navona strikecam and all that, and especially its workers, are not happy as protests proceed to engulf the country: Protesters in Italy scuffled with police, burned flags and threw eggs and smoke bombs at banks on Tuesday in what they said could be a taste of escalating public disorder as public spending cuts bring pain to families. Prime

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Russia buying Canadian dollars! Possible Bank Run! Max Keiser Crash JP Morgan?

Video about a Wikileaks allegedly that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took US diplomats to spy on other countries, Russia buying Canadian dollars, a wave of Americans canceling cable TV, Eric Cantana calling for a bank run, Max Keiser trying to crash JP Morgan and Christopher Hitchens/Tony Blair debate on the influence of religion. Online sales see 16 percent spike on Black Friday Russia buys Canadian dollars, may add Australian dollar Americans turn off cable TV as online grows Would a mass cash withdrawal bring down the banks? Max Keiser: Crash JP Morgan – Buy Silver! Christopher Hitchens 1-0 Tony Blair Obama proposes federal civilian-pay freeze US Diplomats Told to Spy on Other Countries at United Nations Video response to Mosin nagant sharpie443 SafeArmsReview
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Keiser Report: United States and the Deathly Deficit (E110)

This time, Max and Stacy talk about the scandals of the US deficit ceiling insanity defense and about the US diplomats acting as a Boeing sales force. We read comments on a ‘progressive’ website that sees nothing insane in the US dollar and a 14 trillion dollar deficit but mocks the calls for a return to a gold and silver standard as a wacky idea. In the second half, Max talks to JS Kim about game theory and gold standards. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
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