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Digital Video and HD: Algorithms and Interfaces (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)

Digital Video and HD: Algorithms and Interfaces (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)

Rapidly evolving computer and communications technologies have achieved data transmission rates and data storage capacities high enough for digital video. But video involves much more than just pushing bits! Achieving the best possible image quality, accurate color, and smooth motion requires understanding many aspects of image acquisition, coding, processing, and display that are outside the usual realm of computer graphics. At the same time, video system designers are facing new demands to interface with film and computer system that require techniques outside conventional video engineering.

Charles Poynton’s 1996 book A Technical Introduction to Digital Video became an industry favorite for its succinct, accurate, and accessib

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Coming to You Wherever You Are: MuchMusic, MTV, and Youth Identities (Music Culture)

MTV Networks is the undisputed international music video gatekeeper, with stations from Australia to India, Russia to Brazil. Canada is one of the few countries to resist its global reach. Although the network has launched “MTV Canada” with an affiliate, that station limits its offerings primarily to talk shows and lifestyle programming. Many Canadians regard the Toronto-based MuchMusic as the nation’s important domestic source of music videos–substantially different from, and superior to, American-based MTV. In her new study of the two music channels and their different cultures, Kip Pegley compares the musical and extra-musical content of MuchMusic and MTV, and examines how the stations construct their two distinct identities. Moving bey

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