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The Andy Milonakis Show – Pancakes And Hyrup With Ralphie (My Best Friend Ralphie)

PANCAKES AND HYRUP!!! Andy Milonakis Show – Season 1 – Episode 2 Andy and Ralphie freestyle about pancakes and syrup. Andy: Let’s do a rap about pancakes. Both of us, we’ll do it freestyle. Ralphie: Cool. All right. Pancakes and Jello. Ello. Hemelo. Hello. What’s her name Ello? You chillin’ like you eatin’ jello with pancakes and hello and syrup. Dyrup, dip up, dip up and dip it the hyrup. Andy: Yo, yo, yo! Pancakes in my face, pancakes in my place. Pancakes in my area, cause mass hysteria. I don’t care. Yo, I put pancakes in my hair and mix it with syrup. Yo, what rhymes with syrup? Ralphie: Pancakes and hyrup.

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