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Sting “Message in a Bottle” Donate @ 800-HELP-NOW (Hurricane Sandy)

Text – NYCFUND to 50555 for Donation NYC Mayor Fund Text – REDCROSS to 90999 for Donation Text – STORM to 80888 for Donation (Salvation Army) Text – RECOVERY to 52000 for Donation (United Way) 800-HELP-NOW or 800-435-7669 Federal Emergency Management Agency 800-621-FEMA _____________________________________________ New Jersey ~ Volunteers in New Jersey are being coordinated through an emergency response hotline, 1-800-JERSEY-7 or 1-800-537-7397. Alternate numbers, when hotline not staffed, 609-775-5236 or 908-303-0471 or email Port Authority NY & NJ – 201-595-4530 or 201-595-4531 Pet Rescue: 855-407-4787 or 855-407-HSUS 24/7 Health Experts: 2-1-1 Food/Water Safety:866-234-0964 Report Price Gouging: 862-209-0130 or 973-220-3474 Gas Stations to Report Service Delivery Problems:609-858-6900 email to, ______________________________________________ New York (State) ~ New York City ~ New York City agency NYC Service is coordinating volunteers for various relief projects in New York City. Go to its Facebook page or email with your name @ email address. *The Mayor’s Fund to Advance the City of New York, Hurricane Relief Fund is accepting donations. Click to donate. School Information & Event Cancellations Food, Blanket, & Water Distribution Locations www

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Hurricane Sandy: Super Storm Slams East Coast States

The Extreme Weather Team with the latest on the storm’s impact.
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Hurricane Sandy strikes New York City – Empty Times Square

Times Square is empty due to Hurricane Sandy hitting. It’s crazy to see so few people out and lower Manhattan with no electricity. Feels like the Will Smith movie I Am Legend.

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Hurricane Sandy: Warnings Issued in East Coast States

Extreme weather team tracks the latest on preparations for the super storm.

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CITY NEW YORK – Hurricane Sandy New York City 30 October 2012

The Hurricane App, created by Bournemouth-based 3 Sided Cube, has had a total of 500000 downloads – 50000 since the hurricane struck the coast. It aims to keep those affected on the US East Coast “informed and prepared”, says the 10-strong team behind it. The free app was launched in June and usually sees 800 downloads per day. The app allows users to get notifications on any threats in their area or to keep track of loved ones by linking to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Weather Service. It also offers an “I’m Safe” feature and has sent out more than three million alerts to keep those people affected informed. The American Red Cross approached 3 Sided Cube after hearing about a first aid app it created for the British Red Cross.
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NCAA Football 13 – Barry Sanders | Week 1 vs. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

Don’t forget to give this video a “like” ;D Follow me as I try to recreate Barry Sanders’ Heisman winning season with the Iowa State Cyclones. Barry Sanders was offered a scholarship to Iowa State, but chose Oklahoma State in real life so this is a “what if” series for NCAA Football 13 in the Heisman Challenge game mode. Barry got his Heisman campaign off with a bang returning the opening kickoff 100 yards for a score as the Cowboys dominated Miami University 52-20. Barry racked up 182 yards and 2 scores on the ground in the win. Barry scored 2+ TD’s in all 12 games, scoring 4+ TD’s in 7 games. Twitter: Facebook:

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Natalie Imbruglia – Hurricane

From the album White Lilies Island. One of my favs. Vastly underrated album.
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