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Hollow Point

Hollow Point

FBI Agent Diane Knox (Tia Carrere) has been undercover for six months when her sting is foiled by DEA Agent Max Perish (Thomas Ian Griffith). Both agencies are searching for Thomas Livingston (John Lithgow), the master-mind behind a partnership between the Italian, Chinese, and Russian mafias. Livingston is about to ship its entire years shipment of cash to various offshore banks. Whichever agency is able to find the money will be able to keep the funds. Their best hope of capturing Livingston is by finding Garrett (Donald Sutherland), a hitman that Livingston recently double crossed. However, when Diane runs a check on Max, she discovers he is no longer with the DEA. In this deadly game of cat and mouse, who can you really trust…?

List Price: $ 7.98

Price: $ 3.62

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