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Rihanna arriving through JFK Airport was all Smiles rocking her new hair cut in NEW YORK CITY

(09-27-12) Rihanna arriving in new york got rushed by fans and paparazzi while strolling through the airport , she loved the fact that i loved her new single…

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My Hair Is Layed Like Pat Houston (Review of Oprah Whitney Houston’s family interview)

Funky Dineva reviewing the Oprah Whitney Houston Family interview Follow on Twitter: @FunkyDineva.

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Jennifer Aniston Hair Tips | Spring Hair Styles | Beauty Beat

If your hair needs an update for Spring, who better than Living Proof stylists Chris McMillan (Jennifer Aniston’s go-to man) and Tim Rogers to give tips on h…
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List Price: $ 15.99

Price: $ 15.99

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The Girls’ Guide to Elvis: The Clothes, The Hair, The Women, and More!

The Girls’ Guide to Elvis: The Clothes, The Hair, The Women, and More!

Can’t get enough of the King? A lively romp through all things Presley, this sassy guide covers what you really want to know about the man who continues to leave generations of females “All Shook Up.”

“It’s just like being in junior high again. This book offers the scoop on Elvis’s way with women–the wives, the girlfriends, the screaming fans–and leaves plenty of room for ever important hair and wardrobe discussions…[and] films and concert highlights too.”–Time

The first book explicitly fashioned for Elvis Presley’s largest fan base, The Girls’ Guide to Elvis offers a fabulously fun look at the man who begged us to love him tender. This kitschy, dishy, gossip-filled guidebook is packed with never-bef

List Price: $ 12.95

Price: $ 3.89

My Life Before, During and After Elvis Presley

John Wilkinson played rhythm guitar in Elvis Presley’s TCB Band from his first return to live performance in 1969 until his last in 1977, never missing a show. John’s experience is a unique one, a musician’s experience with a rich folk background leading up to the greatest gig on earth. Elvis fans will love John’s candid, thoughtful and affectionate memories, revealing an Elvis Presley that is both legend and human.

List Price: $ 16.99

Price: $ 13.46

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HAIR TUTORIAL: Carmen Electra Inspired Side Curls Super Easy!

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Updo hairstyles: Penelope Cruz inspired Part 2 Video Hair Styles

Twitter: Please check out our sponsor: Website: Twitter @videohairstyles Created and Produced by: Tiana Griego Salon: Magnolias Salon, Winter Park Fl Stylist: Brittany Lee Watson Model: Dana Benstock Products used: Redkin Forcefull…
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How To Golden Globe 2010 Penelope Cruz Hair Tutorial

Here is a quick hair tutorial techinique on how to acheive Penelope Cruz’s hair from the Golden Globes. This is a great look for a date, night out, or just a little nice do Sorry I just got out of a huge rain storm so thats why my hair is the way it is. Iron can be found here Blow Dryer Disclaimer Affliated with All products used in this video were chosen by channel. All reviews and information in video is my honest opinion.

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Raw Video: Soccer Player Throws Fist, Pulls Hair

University of New Mexico junior defender Elizabeth Lambert has been suspended indefinitely from the women’s soccer team after her rough play during a match against BYU in the semifinals of the Mountain West Conference tournament. (Nov. 6)

Stony Brook Men’s Soccer Advanced to the America East Championship game by outscoring Hartford 3-2 in a shootout.
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Wisps of celebrity gossip from a hair salon

Wisps of celebrity gossip from a hair salon

By Sally Hastings

Hairdressing salons must be hubs of gossip. Women like to have pretty hairdos and they also like to gossip. When they meet at hairstyling salons, they gossip.

They gossip about themselves, friends, relatives, neighbours, celebrities and many other people and things. They also like to read gossip about celebrities, in magazines at home and in hairdressing salons.

Have you ever wondered what gossip you might hear in a hair salon full of women celebrities?

Wendy Iles: No. Are you asking me?

Sally: That was just my rhetorical question but, yes, I am asking you what gossip you hear from celebrities while you style their hair.

Wendy: Well …

Sally: You know. You style the hair of leading movie and television actors, top fashion models and other celebrities.

Wendy: Yes, but –

Sally: Well just what do Hilary Swank, Penelope Cruz, Monica Bellucci, Frieda Pinto and celebrities like that gossip about in your salon?

Wendy: Well, I don’t serve people like that in a salon, only in private at their homes or their business premises. I’m based in Paris and I serve clients mainly in Paris, London, New York and Hollywood.

Sally: Who are the celebrities you serve?

Wendy: Those charming people you just mentioned are among the celebrities I serve.

Sally: Who else, for example?

Wendy: Eva Longoria, of “Desperate Housewives” on television, Maggie Chung, of the movie “In the mood for love”, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dita von Tesse, Charlotte Rampling …

Sally: What do you chat about while you are styling their hair?

Wendy: We engage in cordial conversation to pass the time pleasantly while I’m working on their hair.

Sally: I mean do you hear about Penelope Cruz’s secret romance with or rumoured engagement that other actor, Monica Bellucci’s revealing video on YouTube, or Hilary Swank’s new, multi-million-dollar apartment in New York?

Wendy: You seem to know a lot of gossip about celebrities.

Sally: I learn about them by reading women’s magazines, watching celebrity news shows on TV, following postings about celebrities on the web and receiving news feeds by email.

Wendy: Do you learn much about celebrities by listening to gossip at a hair salon?

Sally: No … What do they tell you?

Wendy: Not too much. I don’t ask my clients personal or prying questions. It 
really depends on the day what they feel like revealing or speaking 
about. They will lead all conversations. I allow them to set the tone.

Sally: I understand: you’re their hairstylist, not a psychologist. You fix what’s on the head, not what’s going on inside it.

Wendy: Sometimes they are just exhausted and prefer silence.

Sally: I hear you are shooting commercials with famous movie director Martin Scorsese in Los Angeles. What have you to say about that?

Wendy: Well, the beauty campaign is very new so no words on that until it’s released. I’m pleased to be working on such a nice project with such a charming man as Mr Scorsese. I feel honoured to be working alongside such an iconic film director as he.

Sally: That’s good news but do you hear of any scandals or secrets about other celebrities, any sensational or embarrassing revelations?

Wendy: Not really. Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you, not even in a whisper.

Sally: Would you tell me anything like that off the record?

Wendy: No. It would not be professional or ethical for me to tell anybody anything I happened to learn about my clients. I don’t do that. It’s like a doctor doesn’t talk to one patient about another, because that would not be right. He wouldn’t say, “Do you know your neighbour, Mrs Soandso, suffers from in-gown toenails? So I wouldn’t tell you if actress Whatshername failed to win a lead role in a film because on the day of an audition she suffered an attack of unruly follicles.

Sally: So your client’s never tell you any personal secrets or society news?

Wendy: Oh, a client may share a little secret with me at sometime. One delightful client who I’ve been serving for many years told me the other day, “Wendy, you’re the best hairstylist I know but I never recommend you to my friends.” When I asked why, she explained, “Because then their hairstyles would look as good as mine!”

Sally: Who was she?

Wendy: That’s confidential.

Sally: Still I wonder what celebrities might gossip about in a hair salon?

Wendy: You’re dying to know so you ask a hairdresser but, honestly, I can’t answer that one for you.

Wendy Iles is a hairstylist of international renown who began her career 25 years ago in Australia.


Freelance journalist Sally Hastings

Monica Bellucci & Lavinia Ferida lesbian kiss i dont know the movie
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