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Elvis and Gladys (Southern Icons)

Elvis and Gladys (Southern Icons)

Who on the planet doesn’t know that Elvis Presley gave electrifying performances and enthralled millions? Who doesn’t know that he was the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll? But who knows that the King himself lived in the thrall of one dominant person? This was Gladys Smith Presley, his protective, indulgent, beloved mother. Elvis and Gladys, one of the best researched and most acclaimed books on Elvis’s early life, reconstructs the extraordinary role Gladys played in her son’s formative years. Uncovering facts not seen by other biographers, Elvis and Gladys reconstructs for the first time the history of the mother and son’s devoted relationship and reveals new information about Elvis–his Cherokee ancestry, his boyhood obsession with comic books, and

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Price: $ 16.12

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