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Doritos Funniest Superbowl Commercial – Flying Monkey – 2012

Nerd catapults flying monkey in a wing suit with a giant slingshot to steal Doritos from a hot chick. By The Meatball Brothers. Starring Steven Parker, Tammy Felice, and Crystal the monkey. Written and directed by John Brennick and Scott Baxter. Camera by Danny Ursitti. Animal Trainer: Tom Gunderson.

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Funniest Cab Driver of All Time! – NYC Day 4

You can tell how hilarious she is by how many laughs she gets! Oh, and I’m sure this will surprise many of you, but the flying part is not real. I used a professional, perfectly executed, seamless green screen. Let’s face it, I’m a whiz at After Effects! More Greg Goes to New York City: DAY 1 (Prostitutes): DAY 2 (Unnecessary Kissing): DAY 3 (NY Marathon):

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One of Kate winslet’s funniest moments

Kate Winslet’s interview at “Inside the Actors Studio Clips”. She answers at one of the public’s questions. Very funny!!

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